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03 Jan

In-kind supports

Here at the Leap in! HQ, we get asked a lot of questions and we know that the NDIS can sometimes be confusing.

That’s why we like to share the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is an in-kind support?

Some NDIS participants receive services from providers that have been paid in advance. These pre-paid supports and services are called “in-kind”.

As the in-kind supports have been paid to providers in advance, if you have these supports, your NDIS plan will reference the supports but the funds will not be included in your plan. The NDIA manages all in-kind financial arrangements.

Can I use a different provider for in-kind supports?

No, you need to use the nominated provider for these services as they have been pre-paid.

Who manages in-kind supports?

While you have options for how your NDIS plan is managed, all in-kind supports are managed by the NDIA or are ‘agency managed’. This is because:

  • In-kind supports have been already paid for by the Government, and
  • The NDIA will manage Payment Requests on behalf of participants and providers.

What is an example of an in-kind support?

A good example of in-kind support is student transport. States and territories continue to fund and provide student transport directly so if you are approved to access student transport then you continue to use this service.

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