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13 Jun

Music therapy and the NDIS.

Do you enjoy music? Maybe you have a favourite song that makes you feel relaxed, sad, happy or even motivated? Here at Leap in! HQ,…
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11 Jun

Being active for health and wellbeing.

Being active is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, studies show that more than half of all Australians are not active enough. That’s…
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06 Jun

Staying safe online series: mobile phones.

Here at Leap in! HQ we’re often asked how to stay safe online when using mobile phones, tablets or computers. This week’s story is the…
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04 Jun

The benefits of being creative.

Did you know that finding time to be creative can make you happier? The creative crew here at Leap in! have been exploring creativity and…
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30 May

5 tips for choosing a service provider.

Service providers are your personal team of supporters. Their job is to help you live your best life and achieve your goals. A service provider is…
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29 May

What to do if you spend your NDIS funding early.

One of the regular questions we are asked here at Leap in! HQ is what happens if I spend my NDIS funding early? Running out…
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23 May

Physiotherapists: What they do and how they can help you.

Our stories about the various types of allied health professionals and how they can help you have been popular! In our first two stories, we…
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21 May

Will it cost me anything to work with a plan manager?

Here at Leap in! HQ, we are sometimes asked if plan management fees come out of your allocated NDIS budget. Good news! The answer to this…
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16 May

Occupational therapists: What they do and how they can help you.

This is the second story in our series about allied health professionals and how they can help you. In our first story, we looked at…
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14 May

Exhibition explores expressive design for disability.

Today, we thought we would share with you some information about a new exhibition that challenges traditional approaches to design for people with a disability.…
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