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11 Oct

Using the Leap in! app to prepare for your NDIS Plan meeting.

So, you’ve got the Leap in! app but do you know how it can help you manage your information, NDIS Plan and funding? In the first…
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09 Oct

Capital Supports budget: A closer look.

It can be hard to get your head around all the different budget categories in your NDIS Plan. However, with a good understanding of how…
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03 Oct

Riding for the Disabled: How can it help?

If you have a pet, chances are you will be familiar with the benefits of being around animals. Spending time with animals can improve your…
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01 Oct

The latest NDIS updates on travel and transport costs.

Paying for provider travel costs is often a source of confusion among NDIS participants. The Leap in! Crew has summarised the latest information from the…
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26 Sep

New NDIS Price Guide. Disability-related health supports now funded by the NDIS.

Here at Leap in! HQ we are always keen to share the latest information with you, so we’ve summarised the important points below. The NDIA…
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25 Sep

Did you know respite care is covered under the NDIS?

Yes, respite care is covered under the NDIS... it’s just called something different! We’ve had such incredible feedback on this topic, we thought we'd share…
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19 Sep

Sensory friendly movies.

For many parents with children affected by sensory sensitivities, the idea of going to the movies can be daunting. Combining the loud volume with a…
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17 Sep

Can the NDIS help with washing and ironing?

If you have a disability, keeping on top of household tasks like laundry can be difficult. Here at Leap in! we’re often asked if tasks…
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12 Sep

Overnight care and the NDIS.

Understanding funding for overnight care and support under the NDIS can be confusing. Today, we’ll take a look at the options for getting overnight care…
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10 Sep

How to set and achieve your goals.

We often talk about the importance of setting goals when you prepare for your NDIS Plan meeting so you can receive the funding you need.…
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