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12 April 2019

News update: Simple and quick access to Assistive Technology.

We like to help keep our members across NDIS updates and all things that might make your life easier and today, we have some good news about Assistive Technology.

A new change is set to take place in April 2019 and will help ensure Assistive Technology becomes quicker and easier to replace when needed.

The NDIA will begin a pilot program in April and which will trial a new process where replacements for standard Assistive Technology items will be quickly assessed without needing a full re-assessment.

Additionally, only one quote will be required for items valued between $1,500 and $15,000.

The NDIA is also working on introducing changes in June 2019 that will make it easier for participants to access refurbished or pre-used Assistive Technology.

If you would like to read more, we’ve previously written an article on What is assistive technology that explains how it can be accessed through the NDIS.

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