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18 June 2019

Employment: taking the next step.

Here at Leap in! HQ, our crew are often asked for advice about finding a job and whether the NDIS can help.

Today, we provide some tips for beginning the journey towards employment and explain how Leap in! and the NDIS can help.

Where to start?

There are many reasons that people want to work in a job or a volunteer role. It could be for the money, to build confidence, meet people, learn new skills or to contribute to society.

The NDIS plays a key role in helping people who are able to work consider employment and obtain the supports required to find and keep a job.

Let’s talk about work is a helpful booklet from the NDIS to assist you to plan for employment. Download the Let’s talk about work booklet.

We recommend that you start by thinking about the type of work you can do and what interests you:

  • Your strengths – things that you are good at such as working with technology.
  • Your skills and qualifications – your unique talents plus any formal qualifications from courses, TAFE or university.
  • Your preferences – what you enjoy doing, whether you prefer to be inside or outside, whether you like to work with a team or on your own.

NDIS budget categories and your employment journey.

For a quick refresher please check out our blog NDIS Plan budget categories explained.

Your NDIS Plan meeting or Plan Review meeting is an opportunity to talk about your goals to undertake volunteer or paid work. There can often be barriers for people with a disability entering the workforce so this is a good time to discuss challenges you may have faced previously or any concerns you have.

Employment-related supports can be obtained from each of the three main NDIS budget categories.

Core supports

  • Transport to reach your place of employment or education program if you cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty because of your disability.

Capacity building

  • Capacity building funding is about building independence and can be used to fund things like assistance getting a job or volunteering, mentoring and skill development.
  • Training and help to move from school to further education, such as university or TAFE.

Capital supports

  • Assistive technology such as equipment or systems that make it easier for you to carry out the duties of a job. Funding may also be available for an occupational therapist to help you complete tasks.

Setting employment goals.

Once your NDIS Plan is in place, Leap in! can help you develop a strategy for setting your employment goals and choosing the right service providers.

The free Leap in! app is a great place to record your goals. It even includes tips on actions you can take to help you achieve your goals. And, there is now a version that is available via our website.

For more details on goals and how to set them, read our blog post What is a goal?

We are here to help.

If one of your NDIS goals is to get a job, Leap in! can help.

To find out more, call the Leap in! Crew on 1300 05 78 78, email or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

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