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29 December 2021

Employment trends and how to improve your chances of getting a job.

Here at Leap in! we understand how important it is for all people who want to work to be able to access meaningful and fulfilling employment.

We co-founded the Inclusive Employment Movement (IEM) to break down barriers to employment and work with other employers to improve opportunities for people with diverse abilities. You can find a copy of our Inclusive employment ebook on our resources page.

Today we explore a newly released report, Employment outcomes for NDIS participants. It covers employment experiences of people on the NDIS and the factors that can contribute to achieving your employment goals.


Key highlights.

For people on the NDIS aged 15-24:

  • 20.6% had paid jobs during 2016/17 but this decreased to 13.3% by December 2020 due to the pandemic
  •  Mainstream employment dropped 4.3% from March to December 2020 and by 1.8% for Australian Disability Employment (ADE).[1]

For people on the NDIS aged 25+:

  • 30.3% had paid jobs during 2017/18. It has fluctuated since then but settled at 14.9% in 2020/21
  • Mainstream employment dropped 1.7% from March to December 2020 and in ADE by 1.8%.[2]

Employment for people on the NDIS is about 42% lower than for other Australians. However, the likelihood of obtaining paid employment increases the longer a person receives NDIS funding. In fact, 43% of people say the NDIS has helped them find a job that is right for them.


Tips for improving your employment chances.

So, how can you improve your chances of finding a job? The NDIS report provides some useful insights into factors that can have a positive impact on success.

Things that can have a positive impact include:

  • Actively seeking a job
  • Being engaged in informal employment or other activities such as volunteer work
  • Helping school leavers develop a clear pathway to further education or work
  • Receiving formal support to find a job
  • Having employment related goals and funding in your NDIS Plan
  • Utilising more of your NDIS Plan budget
  • Knowing people in your community
  • Currently studying or completing further education (such as a TAFE course, diploma or university degree).

People aged 25+ using a plan manager or self managing their NDIS Plan were more likely to have a positive employment outcome compared with Agency management.


Diversity of jobs.

Retail, hospitality, packaging and food are four common industries where people on the NDIS find employment. However there is great diversity in the variety of jobs represented, including professional services and construction (see image below).

The most common source of support for people who were employed was their employer.


The role of the NDIS.

The report said to help participants who would like a job, the NDIS can focus on:

  • Ensuring they receive support to find a job
  • Helping people to set employment goals in their NDIS Plans
  • Supporting people to use their plans to find employment

It also found that the NDIS could positively influence people’s experiences at work by helping them use their plans to do and stay in their job.

It recommended the NDIS aim to:

  • Encourage people to get to know others in their community
  • Encourage participation in community, cultural or religious groups
  • Help people receiving NDIS supports to remain healthy and access appropriate health care.

For more resources that can support you on your journey to get a job, check out our previous stories Resources to help you find a job and 5 tips for getting job ready.

[1] NDIS, Employment outcomes for NDIS participants, 31 December 2020, p24.
[2] NDIS, Employment outcomes for NDIS participants, 31 December 2020, p25.


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