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14 May 2019

Exhibition explores expressive design for disability.

Today, we thought we would share with you some information about a new exhibition that challenges traditional approaches to design for people with a disability.

Agency by Design: Expressive Design for Disability explores how design for disability does not follow a “one size fits all” model – and is about more than just how it works.

The exhibition, which is on in Brisbane until 13 July, includes jewellery, clothing, furniture, technology and artificial eyes.

Many of the designs included in the exhibition allow the wearer to present themselves how they want to be seen, whether that be glamorous, elegant, strong or simply to show what they feel strongly about.

Other designs can help people connect with the community or provide solutions to problems assisted by technology.

Carol’s story: wheelchair accessible fashion

A car accident in 2001 left Carol Taylor a quadriplegic, paralysed from the chest down, with only some arm movement and a complete lack of hand or finger movement.

In the years since, Carol has become a mother and returned to work, establishing her own law practice.

However, the physical health issues that people with quadriplegia face create unique problems when it comes to clothing design.

Carol became dissatisfied with the clothing sold in shops and identified a growing need for alternative options that were practical yet enabled the wearer to feel beautiful and glamorous.

She has now developed a range of ‘wheelchair accessible’ fashion, some of which is featured in the exhibition.

Designing for everyone

The exhibition will be held at ‘artisan’, Brisbane’s home of craft and design and includes the work of:

  • Artificial Eyes Australia

  • Bravery Co

  • Technology for Ageing and Disability Queensland

  • Vivien Bedwell

  • Leah Heiss

  • Carol Taylor

  • Janice Rieger & Megan Strickfaden

“Agency by Design is an exhibition that reminds us that designers have an obligation to be designing for everyone in our community,” said artisan CEO Claire Sourgnes.

Agency by Design: Expressive Design for Disability is now open and will continue until 13 July at artisan, 45 King Street, Bowen Hills (in the Brisbane Showgrounds precinct). For more information, check out Artisan QLD on Facebook or visit the Agency by design website.