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08 August 2019

Good news stories.

We’ve been hearing plenty of inspiring stories here at Leap in! HQ, so today we are going to share with you some of the positive things that we are loving right now.

Kurt Fearnley announced as International Day of People with Disability Patron for 2019.

He’s won more than 40 marathons, a swag of gold medals at the Commonwealth and Paralympic games and completed the Kokoda track.

Now, proud husband, father, speaker and activist Kurt Fearnley OAM has been named the 2019 Patron for the International Day of People with Disability.

Kurt’s exploits in and out of sport have seen him recognised with many honours including 2019 NSW Australian of the Year and 2018 ‘The Don’ winner as the Australian sports person most likely to inspire the nation.

As 2019 Patron of International Day of People with Disability, Kurt hopes to encourage Australians to take concrete action to help make change in the lives of people with disability.

“What I most want to achieve as this year’s patron is for people to use International Day of People with Disability as a launching pad for further action,” he said.

“People with disability are entitled to the same respect, independence and choice as others. We need to talk honestly about the barriers in society that prevent this and work together to break them down.”

International Day of People with Disability takes place on 3 December, with hundreds of events held around the country.

Read more by visiting the IDPWD website.

New ‘Remove The Barrier’ campaign aims to improve employment opportunities.

The Dylan Alcott Foundation has launched a new campaign aimed at breaking down barriers to employment for people with a disability.

The Remove The Barrier campaign aims to challenge perceptions and convert intention to action by emphasising some of the benefits of hiring people with a disability to employers.

People with a disability:

  • Are likely to be equal to or more productive than an able-bodied employee

  • Take 7 less sick days than an able-bodied person

  • On average, stay in a job an extra year.

These statistics may come in handy when you are having a conversation with friends, family or potential employers.

Remove The Barrier celebrates people with a disability doing great things in the workplace by inviting people to share their stories on social media with the hashtag #removethebarrier.

The Remove The barrier website also includes some tips for employers and workplaces to become more inclusive.

Check out the great campaign video below.

Compass and Big Pineapple partnership to deliver skills and jobs.

One of Australia’s iconic tourist destinations, the Big Pineapple, is being redeveloped with a new partnership set to provide employment and training opportunities for people with a disability.

The development has announced a partnership with Compass, a Sunshine Coast based service that provides life skills, training and jobs through a 20-acre farm and other enterprises such as cafés and a commercial kitchen.

The Big Pineapple will provide land and space for Compass farming ventures, with the produce to be sold in the on-site marketplace. Compass workers will also tend the pineapple farm and support a range of food and beverage operators.

Compass CEO, David Dangerfield said that the partnership aimed to “build a best practice model for inclusion of people with a disability in valued roles that will rival anything seen in this country.”

To find out more about the partnership, read the story or check out the amazing work being done on the Compass website.