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28 March 2019

How to prepare for your next Plan.

While the NDIS is still being rolled out across some parts of Australia, there are many participants in other areas who have already worked through their first (or even second) Plan and are now ready for their next one.

So what happens when one Plan comes to an end? Let’s investigate!

I’m coming to the end of my Plan, what’s next?

When one NDIS Plan comes to an end, you will have a Plan Review meeting with the NDIA to organise a new Plan. It’s an opportunity to discuss how your last Plan worked, make sure your supports are working for you and whether you’re on track with achieving your goals.

What is a Plan Review meeting like?

Most Plans run for one year so your Plan Review meeting will usually fall around 12 months after the start of your current Plan. The NDIS will contact you to organise your meeting.

Just like at your original Plan meeting, you can decide whether to have a face-to-face or over the phone meeting and you can also bring a family member, friend or advocate with you.

Do I need to prepare?

Here at the Leap in! HQ, we really encourage early and extensive preparation when it comes to your Plan Review meeting.

Some things you might like to organise ahead of your Plan Review meeting are:

  • Assessments and reports from some of your service providers showing how your support and services are helping you to achieve your goals
  • Recommendations from service providers with suggestions for services you might need in the future
  • A copy of your Plan Ready Summary from the Leap in! app which will include any photos, information and status updates you or your crew have tracked for your goals during the Plan
  • A copy of your most recent statement from Leap in! which shows how your budget has been spent
  • A phone or tablet with the Leap in! app, so you can reference any detail you need for amounts spent, allocated or unspent.

You should also start to think about and record in your app some other details like:

  • What worked well in your last Plan?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • What goals did you achieve or how did you get closer to achieving them?
  • Which goals do you need to continue to work towards?
  • Do you have any new goals?
  • What would help you achieve your goals?
  • Why will you need NDIS help in the future?
  • Is there any change in your circumstances?
  • Were you able to use all the providers you needed?


We can help you get ready for your Plan Review meeting.

If you would like help with your NDIS journey or preparing for a NDIS Plan Review, call us on 1300 05 78 78 to ask any questions, to book a free planning session or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.