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11 February 2019

If only I knew that beforehand!

Getting the most from your NDIS Plan meeting.

When it comes to your NDIS journey, getting ready and feeling prepared for your NDIS Plan meeting (whether it’s for your first Plan meeting or Plan Review) can seem like a huge hurdle.

We understand. Your meeting provides the foundation for your next Plan and what supports you can access, so you want to get it right!

The good news is we’re here to help and can get you started with a free pre-planning session. Simply call us on 1300 05 78 78.

Your Pre-planning session.

We’ll take you through steps and suggestions to help you avoid some of the things we often hear people say they wish they’d known before their meeting.

We want to help you avoid thinking things like:

  1. I wish I had been better prepared and had more examples.
    We can’t stress this one enough. Don’t go into your plan meeting assuming it will all come together on the spot. This is one regret we hear often. Give yourself time and space and really think about what you want to achieve and what is stopping you or would make life easier. Don’t rush this step, start taking notes now.
  2. I was caught off guard.
    Some people are really surprised by the number of questions that they are asked in a plan meeting. Be ready, there will be a lot of questions but by preparing yourself with plenty of information and well thought through points, you’ll be ready with your answers on your Plan Ready Summary.
  3. I only had mental notes, I wish I’d written everything down and taken all of my documentation with me.
    Your NDIS Plan meeting can be a stressful time, so it can be really easy to forget to mention important points or you might get caught on the spot and suddenly find your mind blank. It happens to all of us! We can take you through our planning checklist and make suggestions on what to have with you for your meeting. We can also introduce you to our app and show you how to record your notes and photos there and how to make the most of our goal inspiration section.
  4. I wish I hadn’t been so positive.
    Having a positive outlook is a great skill and an important mindset… but when it comes to your plan meeting, you want to be as honest as possible. Don’t sugar coat anything. Think about your worst days and what obstacles you face. Then think about day-to-day life and the little things that could make big differences if you could just change them?
  5. I didn’t know I was allowed to take someone with me!
    You’re allowed to bring someone along to your meeting. This could be family or friend or an advocate, just someone who could assist in explaining things to the NDIS Planner.
  6. I didn’t know I could do my meeting at home. I would have been so much more comfortable in my own space.
    Some people don’t realise but you have a choice when it comes to the location of your plan meeting. You can attend a plan meeting in person or can do it over the phone. Make sure you think about which would make you most comfortable ahead of time.
  7. I left planning to the last minute.
    Start working on capturing your story in the Leap in! app sooner rather than later so that you can feel relaxed and prepared in the lead up to your meeting. You can add information and come back to it any time – it’s all in the once, safe and convenient place.

Call 1300 05 78 78 to book your free NDIS pre-planning session, ask any questions or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.