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11 January 2019

Is technology working for you?

We believe that everyone should be able to access and benefit from technology. Technology comes in many forms, from everyday devices, specialised assistive technology, applications and artificial technology, and it can all be useful in assisting you in everyday activities. We look at the types and technologies and how they can help you.

Everyday devices.

Devices like smartphones, tablets and computers are not usually covered by the NDIS. However, they have a range of free features which can be incredibly useful to people with disabilities. These include:

  • Short message service (SMS)
  • Word prediction software
  • Text-to-speech
  • Screen magnification
  • Screen brightness and contrast adjustments
  • Closed and open captioning
  • Online communication and collaboration documents.

Specialised Assistive Technologies.

In addition to everyday technology, we are also seeing specialised assistive technologies which may be covered by your NDIS Plan when deemed relevant. Types of assistive technologies which are available for support in your NDIS journey include:

  • Screen reading software
  • FM hearing transmitters
  • Braille displays
  • Telecommunications relay service and text telephone
  • Telecommunication device for the deaf
  • Hearing amplification and filtering apps
  • Eye-gaze and gesture-controlled devices
  • Adapted and virtual keyboards, joysticks and mouse
  • Speech generating devices.

What Applications are available to help?

Apps are available for a range of different devices (Apple and Android) and are either free (like our very own Leap in! app) or low cost. They are designed to make life easier, enhance your devices’ accessibility features, provide greater access or to improve your overall experience.

The Leap in! app has been designed in close collaboration with people with disabilities to support your yearly NDIS needs including supporting your first plan, defining your goals, managing your plan budgets, tracking your goals, connecting you with providers and preparing for your plan review. Best of all it is free and can connect in your family, friends and support crew.

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How can Artificial Intelligence help?

This might sound like something out of a movie, but artificial intelligence is an emerging area in the technology world and adopted for many uses including supporting people with disabilities everyday life. A great example is virtual home assistance and the various ways Google Home, Alexa and others are assisting with everyday life in homes.

Where can you start?

  1. Let us help with ideas for your NDIS pre-planning or Plan Review meetings. Our crew of plan managers have wonderful experience with Assistive Technologies.
  2. Use the Leap in! app to unlock your NDIS.
  • Designed with accessibility in mind and a reference group of people with disability (our Test Pilots)
  • Real time tracking of your NDIS budgets (just like online banking, only for your NDIS funds)
  • Easy claiming and payment of your invoices
  • Assistance to connect with providers that are right for you.

Want to know more?

You can call us on 1300 05 78 78 to speak with one of our Leap in! plan managers direct. Our crew are ready to answer your questions and to get you connected today.