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24 September 2021

Latest update: NDIS pricing & COVID-19 measures.

Here at Leap in! HQ we stay up-to-date with the latest information from the NDIS so we can keep our community informed.

New NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (previously called the NDIS Price Guide) have now been released, along with several other related documents.

The latest updates mainly cover temporary COVID-19 measures and supports. Today we explore the key details.


Support for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Keen to get your COVID-19 vaccination? Your support worker may be able to access a one-off payment to help.

The NDIS has introduced a direct billing arrangement for some registered providers to claim costs associated with supporting participants to get their COVID-19 vaccine, like arranging a booking, transport and supporting you through the process.

This previously only applied to participants in supported independent living (SIL) accommodation. However it has now been extended for participants who need to get the vaccination at a location other than their home such as a GP or vaccination hub.

If you obtain the following supports, your provider may be eligible for the payment:

  • 0104 High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  • 0106 Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports
  • 0107 Daily Personal Activities
  • 0115 Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement
  • 0125 Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities

The payment is fixed at $150 and does not come out of your NDIS Plan. The provider must submit their claim directly to the NDIA and cannot submit the claim until you have received all of your vaccine doses.

It’s currently available to some providers for vaccinations delivered between 23 August and 31 December 2021. View page 7 of the COVID Addendum for the areas covered.


Meal preparation and delivery.

The NDIS has introduced temporary flexibility to help some participants in locked down areas access meal preparation and delivery support. Areas covered include all of the ACT and Victoria and some Sydney suburbs.

This support may be available to you if you:

  • Currently use existing Core supports to pay a support worker to help prepare their meals or help with shopping
  • Live in an area with ‘stay at home’ public health orders in place.

If you are eligible, you don’t need an approved quote to buy meal preparation and delivery. The cost of the food itself is not covered but you can pay for the cost of preparing a meal and having it delivered with your NDIS funds.

Note this measure is currently approved until 1 December 2021 and may be reviewed before that date. More details on the NDIS Your health and safety page.


Extended temporary COVID-19 measures.

There is currently no end date set for the below supports although the NDIS is expected to review these later in the year.

Cleaning if a support worker is diagnosed with COVID-19

Participants may claim for one deep cleaning of a residence when a support worker has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Participants who live in non-SIL arrangements also have access to additional Assistance with Daily Living (ADL) and Short Term Accommodation (STA) as needed, when quarantining or self-isolation is required.

PPE for workers

Support workers may claim the costs of personal protective equipment (PPE) from your NDIS Plan when delivering support items in the Assistance with Daily Life support category including:

  • 0104 High intensity daily personal activities
  • 0107 Daily personal activities
  • 0115 Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement.

Providers need to obtain your agreement to claim these costs and should not make more than one claim of up to $27 per participant per day without supporting evidence.


Supported independent living COVID-19 supports.

The NDIS has confirmed supports available for participants living in SIL who are affected by COVID-19.

Additional support may be available if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are an identified COVID-19 close contact and are required to self-isolate or quarantine
  • Are in isolation or quarantine while waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test or because of measures taken by government or authorities in response to the pandemic.

Additional supports may include:

  • Access to a one-off professional deep clean of an SIL residence
  • Additional higher intensity support such as increased support worker hours
  • Support worker PPE, professional laundering and other costs associated with a COVID-19 diagnosis (to a maximum price limit per day).

This covers situations where you continue to live in SIL, are admitted to hospital and/or are relocated to alternative housing for isolation.

Providers are entitled to claim up to $1200 per participant, per day for each participant living in a SIL dwelling that meets certain conditions. These are set out in a separate document called the COVID Addendum (available on the NDIS website).


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