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03 September 2019

NDIS Plan meeting tips: #2

Here at Leap in! HQ, we are always working on how we can help NDIS participants prepare for NDIS Plan meetings.

We’ve touched on this topic before in NDIS Plan meeting tips #1. If you haven’t read the first article, it’s a great place to start.

Now that you’re prepared, here are some tips to help you when you are in your NDIS Plan meeting.

Take a support person.

It’s important that you speak up at your NDIS Plan meeting to make sure that you end up with the right Plan for you. You will need to go into a lot of detail when talking about your life, so if you find that idea daunting, take along someone that you trust to help.

If you will feel more confident and able to clearly communicate your needs, goals and personal details with someone you know and trust by your side, ask that person to go with you. Spend some time talking together before the meeting so they understand the process and your goals. That way they can help you communicate all the important pieces of information if required.

Ask questions.

You’re in your Plan meeting – now is the time to ask all the questions you might have about your potential NDIS Plan. If you’ve prepared well, you’ll have a list of questions written down and ready to go so nothing is forgotten.

You might think you’ll remember everything, but when you’re under pressure, it’s normal for some things to slip your mind! Being prepared will help you to relax, speak up and get the answers you need.

Have your documentation ready.

Being over-prepared is so much better than being under-prepared when it comes to your NDIS Plan meeting. Think about all the documents that you might need to help the NDIS understand the impact of your disability and your personal circumstances:

  • Your completed Plan Ready Summary (pulling together everything you have put into the Leap in! app

  • Any documents from your doctor, specialist or health care professional

  • Assessments such as care needs assessments or home modification assessments

  • Quotes you have received for your requested supports.

The Leap in! app can help you organise all these documents in one place. Simply upload all your documents to the Documents section of the app or a relevant section like Health & Wellbeing, and you’ll have easy access to them on your phone, tablet or laptop when you need them at your Plan meeting.

You can find our Leap in! Plan meeting checklist, or in the main menu under My Profile in the app.

Be clear on the details.

This is another area where preparation is key. Know the details before your meeting about things like:

  • Your disability and the impact it has on your life

  • Your goals and the supports you need to achieve them

  • Your current supports, how they impact your life and why you need to keep them.

The Leap in! app can be a useful tool for keeping this information together. Complete the details on your health and disability, supports, goals and what you’d like to improve in the relevant sections of the app.

Know how you want to manage your NDIS funding.

Research options for managing your funding well before your meeting to avoid the stress of deciding on the spot. Do you want to use a plan manager like Leap in, self-manage, default to the NDIA or use a combination of these?  If you’re not sure exactly what these management options mean, read about it on the NDIS webpage Ways to manage your funding.

We’re here to help.

Leap in! has a handy Plan meeting checklist to help make sure you have all the necessary information and documentation ready or you can call us on 1300 05 78 78 to book a free pre-planning phone consultation.