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06 February 2019

NDIS pricing update.

Late last year, we reported on the NDIA’s plan to implement new pricing arrangements early in 2019 and now we’re checking back in to let you know those changes are in place.

The new NDIS price guide became effective on 1 February 2019.

The main purpose of the price guide change is to:

  • Help providers move to the market based environment of the NDIS
  • Provide incentives for providers to develop new and innovative services and products
  • Improve choice for participants

Pricing changes for people with complex needs.

The new pricing control arrangements that have been introduced aim to help providers delivering assistance with self-care activities and assistance to access community, social and recreational activities.

Moving from 2 price levels to 3.

Previously, there were two price levels for self-care, social and recreational support but as of 1 February 2019, there are now three price levels.

This change has been made to make sure that the complex needs of people with disability are met through the right skilled and qualified staff and support services.

The new pricing levels will be:

  • Level 1 – standard needs
  • Level 2 – complex needs
  • Level 3 – very complex needs

Not sure? We can help with the changes.

If you have questions on how this change may impact you, our plan managers are ready to answer your questions and to help you navigate your way through the NDIS.

The best number to call us on is 1300 05 78 78.