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13 December 2019

Questions we get asked the most: Understanding your NDIS Plan.

NDIS Plans can be tricky to understand, so this week we’re bringing you our members’ most frequently asked questions.

What does it mean when I have $1 next to an item in my plan?


This could mean several things:

  • In-kind support
  • Quote pending – which means that the NDIS does not know how much the support will cost until more information is provided
  • This Core supports budget is available or ‘unlocked’, so you access supports in this category flexibly with your total allocated Core budget.

What does stated supports mean?


If your funding has been allocated for a specific support or service, you can’t use this funding for something else. This is called a ‘stated support’ and means that there is no flexibility to swap or change it for something else. Read more about Stated supports.

What are in-kind supports?


An in-kind support is something that has already been paid for by your state, territory or the Australian Government. That means you must use the provider allocated to you as they have already been paid for their services and the cost of these supports will not come out of the budget amounts shown on your plan. Read more about In-kind supports.

Does my GP/doctor automatically get a copy of my NDIS Plan?


No. Your NDIS Plan is yours and it’s up to you to choose who you would like to share the details of your plan with – including your doctor!

Are my Core support budgets flexible?


Yes! Of all the NDIS budget categories, your Core support budgets are the most flexible. Any of the funding from your Core support budgets that have been made available or ‘opened’ in your plan can be spent flexibly across the support categories they cover. Read our article Core supports budget: A closer look for more information.

How do you find a Support Coordinator?


Leap in! can connect you with a number of support coordinators through our Provider Network Directory. Alternatively, get in touch with our crew on 1300 05 78 78 or email