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27 June 2019

Take control of your NDIS with the new Leap in! web app

We’ve been busy here at Leap in! HQ and have some exciting news to share: a new version of the Leap in! app is now available on the web.

In addition to using the Leap in! app on your smartphone or tablet, you can now access the app (or if you are an existing user, log in) using any device with a web browser and internet access. This includes laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

The My Profile section of the app is free and available for anyone to use, regardless of whether you have plan management, self-manage or are NDIA managed. Log in and complete your profile to be as prepared as possible for your NDIS Plan meeting.

In the My Profile section you can:

  • Capture what your life looks like now
  • Tell your story once and share it with others
  • Create and track your goals
  • Review the in-app NDIS Plan Meeting Checklist and print or email your Plan Ready Summary ready for your meeting.

Get even more when you have Leap in! plan management.

When you sign up to plan management with Leap in! you also get access to an additional My Budgets section of the app where you can manage your budgets, track your goals and view your spending in real time 24/7.

Take a look at a demonstration profile now.

To take a look at the demo version, including the My Budgets section (normally only available to plan managed members), follow the instructions below.

1.       Go to
2.       Enter the following email address:
3.       Enter the following password: leapindemo
4.       Click Log in (see image below)

Once you are logged in, select ‘Elton Robinson’ from the Members section on the top left (see image below) to see the features of the My Budgets section:

  • See NDIS budget categories in real time
  • View graphs showing what funds are available and what funds have been spent
  • Drill down on individual budget categories and spend summaries with support providers
  • View the Spend Tracking feature which provides alerts if spending is off track.

In the My Profile section of the demo profile for ‘Elton’ you will be able to see fully completed pre-planning information. For a quick snapshot of everything included in the demo profile, click on My Plan Summary on the right hand side menu, to provide you with an idea of what you can prepare for your NDIS Plan Meeting.

Like what you see?

If you would like to find out more, call the Leap in! Crew on 1300 05 78 78, email or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

P.S. Elton’s demonstration profile has been set up to VIEW ONLY. If you already have a Leap in! app login and want to view or make changes to your profile, you will need to log out of the demo profile and use your username and password to log into your own. If you don’t already have a Leap in! app log in, you can set one up now at