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15 January 2021

LATEST UPDATE: Transport funding changes for NDIS participants.

NDIS participants with high out of pocket taxi or transport costs are set to receive an increase in funding.

The increase was announced in December 2020. If this change impacts you, you should have already been contacted by the NDIS and received additional funding in your NDIS Plan.

Man and a woman help elderly lady into a car

What you need to know about the changes.

Transport funding is available to participants who are unable to use public transport due to their disability.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) data was used to identify participants with high out of pocket taxi costs or complex needs. The NDIA then contacted those participants to review their transport funding.

In summary:

  • The increase is automatic. If you are eligible, there is nothing you need to do. If you were not contacted by the NDIA, expect no change.
  • This is an interim measure that will give participants the support they need while longer term changes to funding transport supports are considered.
  • The NDIS now funds Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) costs for NDIS participants.

NDIS participants can check their budget on the participant portal or call 1800 800 110. Leap in! plan managed members may also check the Leap in! app.

If you think you should have been reviewed but were not, contact the NDIA.

Leap in! will continue to provide updates on these changes as future announcements are made.

Using Core supports flexibly for transport costs.

While we are on the subject of transport, a reminder that you can flexibly use your Core supports budget to pay service provider transport costs.

This includes:

  • Vehicle running costs
  • Other costs incurred when providers transport you to and from NDIS funded community based activities such as parking costs and road tolls.

The costs are in addition to a support worker’s time. They are charged at a per kilometre rate and claimable by providers as a separate line item.

Be sure to agree on these rates prior to receiving the services so you do not have any unexpected charges. We recommend having a service agreement in place that outlines all charges including any transport costs.

For a quick refresher, check out our article, The importance of service agreements.

Make the switch for full flexibility.

Did you know that switching to plan management for your NDIS Plan means you can use any provider, including non-registered providers? By switching to Leap in! you get the added bonus of specialist advice from our dedicated plan managers who will help you get the most from your NDIS Plan.

Call 1300 05 78 78 or visit our website for live chat to make the switch for all or part of your plan today.

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