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Unlock your NDIS here.

You are on your way to unlocking your NDIS with Leap in! and these simple steps:

  • Step 1:

    Prepare for your NDIS planning meeting by building your profile

  • Step 2:

    Select how you would like to manage your plan.

  • Step 3:

    Print your Plan Ready Summary to take to your planning meeting

When you select Leap in! as your plan manager, you can continue to…

  • Step 4:

    With your NDIS plan, use Goal Tracker to track your goals

  • Step 5:

    Use Budgets & Payments to manage your NDIS budgets and spend your funds

  • Step 6:

    Maintain your Profile and Goal Tracker information and you are ready for your next NDIS plan review.

Why Leap in!?

You’re new to the NDIS

The Leap in! app is the perfect tool to help you to get ready for your NDIS planning meeting.

You want the outcome of your NDIS planning meeting to be a plan which has goals that help you live the life you want to lead with a budget that is fair and reasonable to provide the supports to make it happen.

Leap in! can help you capture the information to have a quality planning meeting that gives you this outcome.

Build your profile thinking about your life today and the life that you want.

  • Ask your family, friends and other crew from your support network to help you build your profile – it will be so much easier.
  • Add information to your profile when you want (it doesn’t have to been all in one go)
  • Your profile is really personal, so add your documents and photos – it will be great information to refer to in your planning meeting
  • When you are ready for your planning meeting, you can share and print off a copy of your Plan Ready Summary to take along with you.

Because all of the information you record in the app is stored securely, you can continue to change and add to your profile throughout your NDIS plan, so that when you are due for your next Plan Review it’s ready to use (instead of starting from scratch each time).

When it comes time to implement your plan, you may also choose to share some of your profile with supports providers to help them to work with you, without having to keep providing the same information over and over.

You have an NDIS plan.

The Leap in! app is designed to help you maintain your profile as you implement your NDIS plan and track your progress on your goals.

If you have nominated Leap in! as your plan manager, you can also use this app to track your NDIS budget, the status of your category budgets (actual spend, amounts allocated to provider service agreements and amounts unspent). You can also look up your history of supports and invoices.

Our plan management service will be launching in April 2018.

You are helping someone navigate the NDIS.

The Leap in! app is also designed to help you to help someone else get ready for their NDIS planning meeting, or get the most out of their existing NDIS plan.

If you know a person with a disability who is already using the Leap in! app, you can ask them to consent for you to access and contribute to their profile. If they don’t have a profile you can create one for them, with their consent.

Finding your way around.

Tab Bar – Primary Navigation

Once you’ve signed up, use the bottom tab bars to navigate around the app.

Profile – This is where you enter information about yourself to build up a profile for your Plan Ready Summary.

Goal Tracker – An important part of getting Plan Ready is setting your goals. This is where you can add and maintain your goals. Once you have your NDIS plan, this is where you can track how you are progressing with your goals.

Budgets & Payments – This is where you check your NDIS budgets, balances, manage service agreements, approve invoices and track payments history when you are plan managed by Leap in!

Plan Meeting – Go here to view, share or print out your Plan Ready Summary; to choose how you want to manage your plan, and; find a useful plan meeting checklist.

Linked Members – If you’re helping more than one person with their NDIS journey, this tab will also show on your navigation bar and you will be able to access their profiles here.

Android Navigation Bar

  • On Android devices, this ‘Back’ button at the bottom of the screen takes you back to wherever you’ve just been in the application. You can tap on this button at any time.
  • This ‘Home’ button takes you out of the Leap in! app to the device main menu.
  • The ‘Menu’ button toggles you between applications.

Second Menu

In the top right-hand corner on most screens you can access the following features:

Documents – This is the central place you can view and maintain any documents you have uploaded to the app (even if you have been prompted to upload them from other sections).

Settings – Here you can manage settings associated with your account such as changing your password, create a link to another member’s account, logging out and closing your account. You can also reference our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy and check the version number of the app.

Help – This is where you tap to access the document you’re reading now.


From your profile, you can see

Profile Left Hand Panel

  1. Click on the person icon to upload an image for your profile and Plan Ready Summary
  2. Set your plan meeting date in the left-hand pane.This counts down the days to your plan meeting.
  3. Here you’ll also see handy hints on things to do in the app

TIP: Even if you don’t have a specific date for your plan meeting, if you have an idea of when the NDIS is coming to your area, include a date to help you keep track of your progress towards getting Plan Ready.

Profile Right Hand Panel

Here’s the home for each key section of your profile:

About me


Favourite things

Health & well-being




Section headings.
You’ll notice that sections start out with a black heading (when they have no information) and turn red when you have added some information to that section. This helps you keep track of sections that still need to be completed.

Adding to your profile.

Tap on the ’Add’ icon to start on a section, and the ’Edit’ icon to continue working on a section.

Crew members: If you have ‘View only’ access to another member’s profile, you will tap on the icon to view each section.

Adding or editing in a section.

When you edit a section, a window will pop up and display the fields you can edit.

To save your changes, click on the green ’Save’ button, or to exit without saving changes, click on Cancel. Most fields are not ‘must-have’ information. Although, there are some fields that do need information to make the app work properly and if you have not completed a mandatory section, it will turn red and prompt you when you are trying to save.

For example,

TIP: Building your profile can take time. Here are some ways to make it a little easier.

  • You don’t have to do it all in one go. Log into the app when you have ideas and update your profile in sections when you have time
  • Start anywhere. You can start with planning your goals, or capturing crew, or supports etc… everything will link up in your Plan Ready Summary
  • It’s ok to leave things blank. Not every section or item is relevant to every person. If something doesn’t make sense to you – just skip it.
  • You can invite people from your network to help you build your profile. When you are in the ‘Crew’ section, add a new crew member (or update an existing crew member) and give them access to your profile and invite them to contribute. See ‘Crew’ for more detail.
  • Try enabling the voice-to-text features on your app. This will help to reduce the amount of typing you need to do to tell your story in full.

About Me

Under the ‘About Me’ section, you’ll find:

My Details – This contains your address, contact details and date of birth.

This is important information for your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) and it is how Leap in! can connect with you with relevant supports in your local area.

Life Stage – Are you a school leaver, building your career or looking to expand your social circle?

Picking relevant options here will help your NDIS planner or LAC understand your ‘big picture’ motivations and also help the app present relevant ideas and inspiration in the Goals section.

Disability – This is the section to capture information on the disability or disabilities that impact on your life.

This will help your NDIS planner or LAC understand your situation and needs. It may also help Leap in! to suggest supports that are more relevant to your support needs and inspiration for goals.

Impact of my disability – Identifying what you can do independently and where you need assistance is critical to helping the NDIS planner or LAC to build a plan that recognises your needs.

This section is designed to prompt you to think about your daily activities, how you communicate, connect with others and learn as well as your level of independence.


Under the ‘Home’ section on the Profile screen, you’ll find:


  • What kind of home do you live in? with options to select on the type of accommodation.
  • Who do you live with? with the different types of people you live with.
  • How many people do you live with? Where you can enter the number of people in your home.

Who I live with

Here you can specific members of your crew who have been entered into the app or add new crew here as well.

Home modifications

In this section you can select if you home has had modifications for your disability. If yes, there is a section where you can enter more details.

Favourite Things

This is the area where your can include all the things you like to do (so you can keep doing them) and to think about the new things you’d like to try. Continue to use the and buttons to update this information as things come to mind.

Health & well-being

Here you can and what is with your health, what you , how your disability makes it harder to manage and what help you need.

You can also documents from health professionals in this section. You can then access them under Documents (located on the Second Menu in the top right hand corner).


This is a brilliant section where you can add family members, friends, your pets, support and service providers, community groups, your support circle and anyone else who forms part of your daily network.

your crew, filling in the various details as shown and add a photo to their profile. Once you have set up a crew member, invite them to add to your profile, help you manage your funding or make decisions on your behalf. You manage their access to your profile from this section under .

TIP: You control the level of access each of your crew members has and decide on whether their level of access is no access, read only or access to edit.

You can also decide if you want to give a crew member Full Access which allows that person to make decisions on

your behalf.

Once your crew member has been added into the ‘Crew’ section of the app, these details are also available to add into other sections of the app (for example, you can select from your crew list to add into the ‘Who I live with’ section).

Setting levels of access for your Crew.

If you want to share some or all of your Leap in! profile information with members of your crew, you can do this from the

Crew section.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Give this person access to my account’, they will receive an email inviting them to download and login to the app to see your profile.


Here you can add and review the supports and services that you currently receive.
There are two (2) ways to enter supports:

Option 1

If you know the details of your current supports?
Use this box to enter them direct into the app in two easy steps:

  • Step 1: Give your support a name, tap next
  • Step 2: Add detail to the support including what you think about this supportTell us a little more about the support (Description)Add a photo Continue adding the details in the relevant sections and You can also think about the people that help you with this support and add them with .

Option 2

Get help from a list of suggested supports across a range of categories.

  • Step 1: Select the category that you want to explore
  • Step 2: Add detail to the support including what you think about this support
  • Step 3: Add detail to the support including what you think about this supportTell us a little more about the support (Description)Add a photo Continue adding the details in the relevant sections and You can also think about the people that help you with this support and add them with .

TIP: It is important to add your unpaid or community supports as well as your current paid supports with providers.


Goals describe what you want to achieve, develop, learn or do.

The easiest way to think about goals is to think about what’s important to you.

You may have a very clear idea of what goals you want to include in your Plan Ready Summary

type these straight into the app here:

Give your goal a name and then select Next to add the steps that will help you achieve that goal.

If want inspiration, use the Leap in! selector to provide you with ideas for goals and relevant steps to help you reach them.

Your inspiration (or sample goals) are shown based on the disability type and life-stages you have selected under the ‘About Me’ section of your profile.

You can see how many filters are applied (and what they are) here and you can tap on it to change the filters at any time.

Once you add a goal, you can then add the steps you want to take to achieve it by

  • Typing in the step name direct into the top box or
  • Selecting one of the suggested options provided

Plan Meeting

Under the ‘Plan Meeting’ section, you’ll find:

Plan Ready Summary – This is where you can go to see all the information that you have added in your Profile, Supports and Goals sections of the app.

  • View your Plan Ready Summary at any time: when you are ready for your NDIS plan meeting or any time prior to see how you are progressing.

  • Print your Plan Ready Summary and take a copy with you to your NDIS plan meeting.

  • Share a PDF of your Plan Ready Summary with your crew, your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator by email.

Plan Management – One of the things you’ll need to decide prior to your planning meeting is how you would like to manage your NDIS plan. Here you’ll find each of the plan management options available under the NDIS explained with their pros and cons.

The option you select will be included on your Plan Ready Summary to discuss with your NDIS planner.

NDIS Planning Meeting Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure that you have covered everything you need for your planning meeting. It also includes some good ideas on what to think about before you set your planning meeting.

Goal tracker

This feature will be enabled soon and will be available to Members who sign up for the new Leap in! Plan Manager service.

Budgets & Payments

This feature will be enabled soon and will be available to Members who sign up for the new Leap in! Plan Manager service.


When you sign up to the Leap in! app you will receive notifications to support your account management (welcome, password reset etc) and some reminders to get your profile complete in the countdown to your NDIS planning meeting (if you have selected a plan meeting date).

If you nominate Leap in! as your plan manager we will also send important notifications around getting set up and your budgets established, monthly transaction summaries and reminders to review, approve service agreements and invoices, and rate provider services.

If you enable app notifications, these will pop up on your tablet, and you will receive email notifications as well.

Accessibility & Inclusive Design

The Leap in! app has been designed to meet accessibility standards and we have strived hard for an inclusive design. We expect it to work with a variety of assistive technology designed for your Android tablet. If you are having any problems accessing the application with your assistive technology (that you know works on other applications), please let us know (providing as much detail as possible), and we will attempt to resolve it.

In designing the app, we hope to create an engaging experience for people who don’t read, by providing opportunities for uploading photos to identify crew, supports and goals, and to track goal progress, and colourful traffic light icons for evaluating current supports.

By printing photos and these icons on your Plan Ready Summary, we hope to support richer planning meeting conversations and reference points for members, even if you can’t read the summary document.

Primary navigation around the app is also supported by icons wherever possible, to support non-readers to learn to navigate around the app independently.

Troubleshooting & Support

For help with the Leap in! app

  • Search this document
  • Look for more resources on www.leapin.com.au
  • If you were introduced to this app by a provider, they may be able to provide further advice and support
  • Email help@leapin.com.au


Leap in! are committed to continuously improving your experience on the Leap in! app and all our services. If you have ideas, suggestions, compliments or complaints, we welcome your feedback. Please email us at mysay@leapin.com.au

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