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Exercise physiology is a necessary discipline to help achieve healthy living conditions by maintaining proper functioning of all body parts and continue processing and improving existing health conditions. Whether you want help with Athletic Performance, Weight Loss/Weight Gain, Department of Veterans' Affairs, Neurological conditions (Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Pre and Post-Natal or Musculoskeletal (Pain Relief, Rehab, Prehab) we are here for you.  Our diverse team of Exercise Physiologists have vast knowledge and in-depth specialties on all aspects of health and fitness.

We pride ourselves on getting results. We test all our clients every 6 weeks to track progress and improvements in their treatment plans and physical well-being. We implement scientific and evidence based testing protocols and procedures for consistent, valid and actionable results. Not only do we achieve results, but we greatly value our relations with our clients and their emotional growth as well as their physical.

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians
Young Adults

Diagnoses and conditions:

Autism and related conditions
Cerebral palsy
Deafness and hearing loss
Developmental delay
Down syndrome
Global development delay
Intellectual disability
Multiple sclerosis
Other intellectual/learning conditions
Other psychosocial/psychiatric
Other sensory/speech
Other – physical
Vision Impairment / Blindness

Service types our organisation supports:

Exercise physiology

Our locations:

Gold Coast