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Disability Care.

Continuity Care is devoted to assisting the disabled individuals of the community by providing them effective and comprehensive nursing care. Their caregivers assist them in almost every matter of their daily life. We make sure to ease your travel by arranging transport services for you. They help you in participating in different events. Our caregiver remains with you 24/7 so that you are prevented from any distress caused by your disability.

In-Home Care.

Continuity Care are steadfast towards the integration of care and clinical excellence and are committed to improve your lifestyle and bring positive changes to your wellbeing. They offer tailored services to the people of all ages based on their needs. Continuity love to serve the community and provide extensive care and support through coordination, collaboration, engagement, and communication of care.

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians
Young Adults

Diagnoses and conditions:

Acquired Brain Injury
ADHD and associated conditions
Aged Care
Autism and related conditions
Cerebral palsy
Deafness and hearing loss
Developmental delay
Down syndrome
Global development delay
Intellectual disability
Invisible Disability
Mental Health
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Other intellectual/learning conditions
Other psychosocial/psychiatric
Other sensory/speech
Other – physical
Physical Disability

Service types our organisation supports:

Assist Travel/Transport
Assistance in the community with daily activities
Assistance with household tasks
Community Connection
Community participation/inclusion
Sport and recreation activities
Support Independent Living

Our locations:

Brisbane - East
Brisbane - Inner City
Brisbane - North
Brisbane - South
Brisbane - West