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Movement Matters Physiotherapy offer individual hydrotherapy sessions conveniently at your local pool or centrally located at the Women's and Children's Hospital pool. Please contact for further details and times.

Movement skills and coordination program.

They have programs to develop your child's coordination and movement skills at the Walkerville YMCA. Please contact for further details and times.

Equipment assessment and prescription.

Movement Matters Physiotherapy can assess the need for (and prescribe if necessary) equipment to assist or motivate your baby or child to move. These include:

  • jolly jumpers, push carts, walkers and other baby toys
  • specialised rehabilitation equipment such as floor chairs, standing frames, walkers, wheelchairs, and specialised seating
  • splints, orthotics and shoes

Orthopaedic serial casting and splint making.

If your child needs additional support (for example tight muscles or low muscle tone), Movement Matters Physiotherapy can assess and apply any necessary lower limb casts, and/or construct lightweight thermoplastic splints. They also can assess and advise on other wearable garments (eg theratogs), other splints such as hand splints, orthotics, and appropriate shoes.

Playtime in the park.

Several families meet with a therapist regularly in a local park for a social gathering which includes play and movement opportunities for their children. The majority of these children are not yet walking.

Our organisation supports:

Parents/Legal Guardians

Diagnoses and conditions:

Cerebral palsy
Developmental delay
Global development delay
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Other – physical
Physical Disability

Service types our organisation supports:

Assistive Technology
Skill development

Our locations:

Adelaide - Inner City
Adelaide - North