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Play Therapy is a powerful means of joining with the innate, creative, non-verbal capacities of children to engage and work therapeutically with them. It is developmentally appropriate, evidence-based method of counselling young clients. Play therapy allows children to communicate, practice and master new skills as well as their emotional response. Play therapy is optimally suited for ages 3-12 years old.

Play Therapy, Filial Family Therapy and The Learn to Play Program.

Play Therapy- Play is a child’s natural way of communication.
Play therapy allows children to express their feelings, and deal with their emotional problems in a safe and trusting environment. Play therapy has been well established as a developmentally appropriate intervention for children experiencing emotional, behavioural or psychological difficulties.

Filial Therapy- Filial therapy is a family therapeutic intervention based on the principles of humanistic play therapy. Filial therapy is a blended intervention in which education and play sessions are used to help parents build emotionally enhancing relationships with their children.

Learn to Play- The Learn to Play Program helps children acquire the skills of pretend play. The Learn to Play program aims to assist children to develop the ability to spontaneously self-initiate their own play and to develop pretend play skills to or near their expected level for their age so that they can engage in play with their peers.

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Diagnoses and conditions:

ADHD and associated conditions
Autism and related conditions
Developmental delay
Global development delay
Mental Health
Other psychosocial/psychiatric
Other sensory/speech

Service types our organisation supports:

Early Childhood Early Intervention
Family counselling
Play Therapy
Therapeutic Supports

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Sunshine Coast