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Our services include:

  • Accommodation: SIL, MTA and respite
  • Support coordination level 2
  • High intensity daily needs
  • Alternate therapies
  • Community Nursing
  • Community participation
  • Complex mental health and disability psychosocial support.

Our model of care is patient centred, and recovery focused.

We utilise a bio-psychosocial model to facilitate easy and quick recovery of our clients.

We also ensure capacity building in a culturally appropriate environment. Each participant is supported to achieve their desired goals and recovery

Forensic disability and mental health care is our specialty area that focuses on treating people with mental illness who have been found unfit to stand trial or not guilty because of insanity. Forensic disability and mental health patients are often admitted to a secure psychiatric facility but may also be treated in prison.

The main goals of forensic disability and mental health care are to ensure that the patient receives effective treatment for their illness while ensuring that they do not pose a danger to themselves or others.

Treatment options include medications such as antipsychotics and antidepressants, as well as therapy sessions with psychologists or psychiatrists. Some people may also benefit from group therapy sessions where they can talk about their experiences with other patients who have similar conditions.