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Atrium Exercise Physiology provides various services to help individuals improve their physical health and fitness. These services may include:

  • Designing personalized exercise plans: Atrium Exercise Physiology works with clients to create individualised exercise plans tailored to their specific goals and needs. These plans may include various types of physical activity, such as strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training, to provide a well-rounded fitness program.

  • Conducting fitness assessments: Atrium Exercise Physiology offers fitness assessments to help clients identify their current level of fitness and set realistic goals for improvement. These assessments may include a variety of tests and measurements, such as body composition analysis, cardiovascular fitness testing, and strength testing, to provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's fitness level.

  • Providing guidance and support: Atrium Exercise Physiology offers guidance and support to help clients stay on track with their exercise plans and progress towards their fitness goals. This may include providing information and education on various aspects of physical activity and exercise, as well as offering motivation and encouragement to help clients stay motivated and consistent.

  • Offering mobile services: In addition to providing services at its facility, Atrium Exercise Physiology may offer mobile services for clients who cannot visit the facility. This may include providing exercise plans and guidance remotely, as well as conducting fitness assessments and providing support on a mobile basis.

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians
Young Adults

Diagnoses and conditions:

Acquired Brain Injury
Cerebral palsy
Mental Health
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Other psychosocial/psychiatric
Other – physical
Physical Disability

Service types our organisation supports:

Exercise physiology

Our locations:

Brisbane - East
Brisbane - North