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We are an online psychology platform called Rosy that offer Telehealth appointments to clients all around Australia. 

Rosy™ does online sessions with psychologists who speak human. Think: a Telehealth psychology platform with clinicians you'd actually want to have an authentic conversation with.

We're on a mission to change the landscape of mental health across Australia. In our book, stigma is a thing of the past - we believe people should look after their brain just as much as the rest of their body.

We believe speaking with the right psychologist is critical to the success of your sessions. That’s why we’ve developed HomeRun™ - our unique, intelligent matching process. It’s a two stage process using both computer-wizardry and actual humans so we can ensure you’re paired up with your kind of person.

We’re lucky to have a tribe of superstar clinicians at rosy™. Our team is comprised entirely of highly experienced Registered Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists.

How Rosy™ can help - you talk, we listen. Then we dish out the advice. Considered, evidence-based, relatable. That’s how we roll. If you’re looking to lift your brain’s efficiency and find your focus you’ve come to the right place.