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Psychological Counselling.

Sunshine Coast Psychology counselling psychologists are specialists in the provision of psychological therapy. Each of their Psychologists is fully registered with APRHA and their professional body. They are experienced counselling psychologists who understand personal and emotional issues that individuals, couples and families experience.

Sunshine Coast Psychology help with issues ranging from depression and anxiety to parenting problems. Their team of psychologists provide psychological assessment and counselling for children, adults and groups, and treat a wide range of psychological and mental health problems. They use a variety of evidence-based therapeutic strategies and have particular expertise in tailoring these to meet the specific and varying needs of clients.

Psychological Assessment.

The role of psychological testing is to assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of the individual and make recommendations about areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians
Young Adults

Diagnoses and conditions:

Mental Health
Other psychosocial/psychiatric

Service types our organisation supports:


Our locations:

Sunshine Coast