Mental health conditions and the NDIS: Part 8


FAQs about the NDIS and mental health conditions.


Q. I have lived with depression and anxiety for many years. Can I automatically get by the NDIS?

A. No. Each individual has to meet the NDIS eligibility criteria and the disability requirements. Access to the NDIS is based on the level of impairment caused by a mental health condition, not by diagnosis.


Q. Will the NDIS fund supports for me if I have bipolar disorder?

 A. It can, depending on whether you meet the eligibility and disability criteria. If having bipolar disorder substantially reduces your ability to carry out everyday activities, you may be eligible.


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Q. I am being treated for drug and alcohol dependency. I also have a psychosocial disability. Does that make me ineligible for the NDIS?

A. No. You may receive treatment for these separately and at the same time. However, to access the NDIS, you will need to prove that your psychosocial disability is because of a mental health condition and not caused by the alcohol or drug dependency.(1)


Q. My mental health condition is episodic, moving between good days and psychotic episodes. Can I get the NDIS if I have good days?

A. Yes, although psychotic episodes alone are not enough for the NDIS to grant an Access Request. However, many NDIS participants experience what they would define as “good days” so providing you meet the access requirements, you may be eligible for the NDIS.(2)


Q. What happens if my support needs change while I am getting the NDIS? 

A. While the NDIS is designed to support you for life, there is built-in flexibility to change the supports you receive as your needs change. This can be done at your regular/annual Plan Review meeting or you can arrange a review of your plan by contacting the NDIS you’re your circumstances change.



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[2.] NDIS Mental Health Access Snapshot Series, Snapshot 3 – Recovery and the NDIS.


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