Mental health conditions and the NDIS: Part 7


What happens after an NDIS Access Request has been approved?


Getting your first NDIS Plan.

The NDIS is required to respond to Access Requests within 21 days. If your application is approved, the next step is to attend a planning meeting where your NDIS Plan will be created.

Leap in! helps people prepare for their NDIS Plan meeting every day with our free NDIS planning app.


Step 1: Decide on the details for your NDIS Plan meeting.

  • Would you like a face-to-face or phone meeting?
  • Where you would like to be for the meeting? For example, in your house, in your Local Area Coordinator’s office or somewhere else?
  • Do you have a preferred time for the meeting? For example, morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Who you would like to be involved in your planning meeting? For example, family member, close friend, your partner or a person who supports you (someone you know and can trust). Do you need communication or assistive aids for the meeting?
  • Do you need a translator?


Step 2: Prepare for your NDIS Plan meeting.

The supports funding in your NDIS Plan will be closely connected to your goals so think about how the NDIS can help you to achieve your goals.

Check out the Leap in! NDIS Plan Meeting Checklist for helpful information on what to take to your meeting.


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Decide on how to manage your NDIS Plan.

At the end of each NDIS Plan meeting, you will decide on how to look after the funding in your NDIS Plan.

There are several options for managing your plan and its budgets. It’s important to understand these so that you can make an informed decision at your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting.

There are three main ways to manage your NDIS Plan and its budgets.

  1. Agency managed.
  2. Self manage.
  3. Plan management.

Find out more about the various options on our plan management page.

You can select one option for managing all of your NDIS funding or choose a combination of different approaches, depending on what you want to achieve with each category budget.


Using your NDIS Plan.

Once you start using your NDIS funds, it’s important to keep records of everything you spend. This helps you to keep your budget on track and identify if you are spending too much or too little. The Leap in! app is a great tool for managing your supports.

Any unspent funding will not roll over to your next NDIS Plan, so make the most of what’s available now.

If you want to use new providers, the following resources can help you with ideas and connections:

  • Your support coordinator or recovery coach (if there is one funded in your plan)
  • Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC)
  • The Leap in! Provider Network Directory
  • The Leap in! Crew on 1300 05 78 78.

We recommend negotiating a service agreement with each provider, so everyone knows what to expect (even if you have been using them before your new plan). Find out more about in our article, The importance of service agreements.

For more details, check out the Leap in! ebook The Essential NDIS Guide: An introduction to NDIS basics.

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