Security - Leap in!


Security for your personal information.

At Leap in! we

  • Educate our crew about their obligations to protect your personal information
  • Require our crew members to use passwords when accessing our systems
  • Monitor and protect systems to prevent and detect any unauthorised access to our systems
  • Require monitoring and mandatory data breach notification from any solution partners, including our infrastructure providers
  • When we transmit data between our Leap in! app and other parts of our platform, we use 128-bit AES encryption, protected through the use of the 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol (this is a similar level of protection used by Amazon and Google for their services)
  • Beyond the copy on your own device, all personally identifiable information is stored securely onshore in Australia
  • When information we hold is identified as no longer needed to deliver services to you, we ensure it is effectively and securely destroyed, deleted or de-identified.

For more information on your personal information see our Privacy Policy.

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