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21 Dec

Stated supports

We get asked a lot of questions here at Leap in! HQ and this week our members have been asking about stated supports.

What is a stated support?

In many cases, your NDIS plan and support funding has great degree of flexibility however in some cases, one or more items in your plan may be stated. A support that has the term ‘stated supports’ before the description must be purchased as described in the plan.

An example of a stated support could be:

  • Plan management
  • Support coordination
  • An item of assistive technology
  • Interpreter services

If you have supports stated specifically in your plan, they cannot be swapped for other supports.

Plan budgets can be confusing but we can work through each budget with you and help you to get the most out of your NDIS plan funding.

Let us help you to navigate the NDIS.

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