Mother and teenage son laughing.
Mother and teenage son laughing.

Are you looking for a not-for-profit plan manager?

At Leap in! plan management we put people before profit.

We’re a registered charity and our focus is on continuously improving our Members services. We’re here to help Members get the most from their NDIS plans and achieve their goals.

We never treat our Members like a number and we’ll never cut corners for profit. 

Would you like to discuss your needs with one of our experiences plan managers? We’d love to hear from you – please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Happy mother with kids at home.
Happy mother with kids at home.

Become a Leap in! plan management Member today.

Why wait? Join the thousands of Members Australia-wide enjoying the benefits of Leap in! plan management.

  • Budget Health Checks on top of your monthly statements
  • Connections to providers near you, matched to your available budgets 
  • Great advice from a team experienced in NDIS and ECEI
  • Peace of mind dealing with a not-for-profit plan manager
  • eBooks on NDIS Basics, Future Planning and more
  • A free award-winning app
  • And fast payment of invoices

“Leap in! are legends! I am so hard to please but they continue to impress me.” Cassie, L! Member
A family with mother, father and two children are embracing and smiling.

Update on changes to the NDIS early childhood approach.

Did you know that how the NDIS supports young children is changing? A new early childhood approach is underway to improve the way the NDIS supports children aged under seven. More than 85,000 children are currently receiving NDIS or early

A man is brushing a chestnut horse in a grassy field in the sunshine.

Equine assisted therapy.

It’s no secret that being around animals can make you feel happier. But did you know it can also improve your wellbeing and be used as a clinical therapeutic tool? In fact, there are treatments involving activities with horses which are

A brother and sister are hugging and smiling.

NDIS Consumables budget guide 2021

When it comes to getting the most out of your NDIS Plan, understanding the different budgets and what they can cover is really important. You may recall there are three main budget areas – Core, Capital and Capacity Building. Need a refresher?

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