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Winner 2023 Most Outstanding Plan Management Award.

We are beyond excited to announce that Leap in! has been awarded the title of “Most Outstanding Plan Management” at the 2023 Australian Disability Service Awards!

A big thank you to One Community, Kismet and Tender Loving Cuisine as sponsors of the event and a shout out to the other nominees.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our amazing members and of course, our Leap in! Crew.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this journey.

Woman holding an ipad with the Leap in! NDIS Goals ebook displayed
Woman holding an ipad with the Leap in! NDIS Goals ebook displayed

Get your free guide to setting and achieving your NDIS goals.

Understanding goals and achieving outcomes with the NDIS: A practical guide for success.

Setting goals can be a new and unfamiliar process for many people. But the goal-setting process is an important part of the NDIS.

Leap in! created this ebook to help you navigate the NDIS goal-setting journey with confidence. Find out:

  • What is a goal and how to set them
  • The different types of goals
  • Goal setting for childhood, teenagers and young adults
  • Where to get help with goal setting
  • What to do if your goals change
  • How can Leap in! help?

Six people with disability standing in a triangle formation with a white background.

Shift 20 Initiative to create more inclusive media by engaging people with disability.

When you turn on the radio, open a magazine or scroll through social media you are sure to see or hear an ad. Advertising is everywhere, but the campaigns often don’t accurately reflect the diversity we see in our communities. Only 1% of ads in

Young person with disability, on balcony outside, with parent showing them a phone.

Goal setting for teenagers and young adults.

The teenage years are a time of significant change in a young person’s life. Many transitions take place during these years so it’s helpful to consider how goal setting can support this exciting and sometimes daunting time. When it comes to goal

Teacher holding a therapy dog surround by children sitting on the ground.

What’s the difference between emotional support animals and assistance animals?

Furry friends like dogs and cats can be unsung heroes, offering companionship, support, and practical help that can improve independence and quality of life for people with disability. Fur babies, paw pals, comfort canines, purr partners,

“Leap in! are legends! I am so hard to please but they continue to impress me.” Cassie, L! Member
Happy mother with kids at home.
Happy mother with kids at home.

Do you need help to make sense of your NDIS Plan?

Let us help!

Call to book your FREE Understand Your Plan Session with an expert plan manager.

In your session we’ll:

  • help you understand the funding in your NDIS plan
  • explain the different budget categories
  • discuss the kinds of supports you can use
  • share tips and tricks about how the NDIS works.

It doesn’t matter if you’re self-managed, NDIA-managed or with another plan manager.

Call 1300 05 78 78 to make your booking today or click through to register your interest and we’ll call you!

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