Support worker and young woman smiling.
Support worker and young woman smiling.

Looking for a plan manager for your clients? Leap in! has a dedicated team ready to assist.

Leap in! is Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager and we put people before profit. We’re with our Members every step of the way through their entire NDIS journey.

At Leap in! we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our partners and providers. We know that for people on the NDIS to live their best life they need a range of supports in place when and where they need them. Together we can deliver those supports.

And, did you know we can sign up new Members immediately and they can start claiming straight away – no waiting and no delays.

The Leap in! difference.

Not all plan managers are the same. Our proactive support helps your clients get the most out of their NDIS Plans. Have questions? Give our dedicated referrals team a call now on 1300 05 78 78.

Expert advice

Leap in! Members get great advice from a team experienced in the NDIS and Early Childhood Approach, many with lived experience.

Real-time budget tracking.

We help new Members get set up with the Leap in! app where they can review and approve invoices, manage spending and track budgets in real time.

Free planning sessions.

All Members have access to free pre-planning and plan reassessment sessions to ensure they’re well prepared for plan meetings.

Extensive provider network.

Many NDIS participants tell us finding providers can be challenging. With Leap in! They get smart connections to local providers linked to available budgets.

Everyday savings.

As a non-for-profit, Leap in! invests in Member services. One of the ways we do this is by providing exclusive access to the Leap in! Member Benefits Club for discounts on a wide range of goods and services.

Useful information.

At Leap in! we stay up-to-date with all the latest information and provide useful tips, resources and ebooks to help our Members navigate the NDIS and use their NDIS Plans more confidently.

Female Leap in! team member smiling and wearing a telephone headset
Female Leap in! team member smiling and wearing a telephone headset

The Leap in! welcome call.

After joining Leap in! new Members receive a call from one of our specialist Plan Managers, confirming details, answering any questions and setting them up to start using their plan.

We cover all the important things about implementing your NDIS Plan.

  • Accessing and adding details to the Leap in! app
  • Monthly statements and how to use the app Budget Health Check feature
  • How to review and track plan balances
  • How to review and approve invoice payments and how to set up automated approvals
  • Where to find information about invoices processed and paid.
  • Finding providers using the Provider Near Me feature in the app.

New Members also receive a welcome pack that includes loads of information about the NDIS, plan management and what you can expect from Leap in! as a plan manager.

Leap in! app screens showing budget spending
Leap in! app screens showing budget spending

Award-winning Leap in! app.

The award-winning Leap in! app is the perfect partner to help your clients achieve their goals. Finally, there is somewhere they can keep everything in one place, tell their story once and share it with others.

Once Members sign up they receive a notification in the app saying “You’re good to go! Your NDIS Plan funds are confirmed and you can start to purchase supports.” At this time, we have connected the Leap in! app with their NDIS Plan and they can start to use the app to manage their funds.

Members tell us that one of the best things about working with Leap in! is being able to track their budgets with the Leap in! app.

Members can view all of their funding in one place with easy to navigate dashboards, quickly check if their spending for each budget is on track and check progress of invoices and claims.

Tips and tricks to fast track payment of provider invoices.

We understand the importance of getting your invoices processed and paid as quickly as possible, whatever your business size.

To prime yourself to receive payments as soon as possible, we suggest the following.

  1. Ensure a PDF copy of your invoice is attached to the email. If you’re using accounting software, select the option for the system to attach the invoice generated to the outgoing email.
  2. Include all the relevant information on your invoice in a clear, readable font
  3. Include the full name and NDIS number of the participant where possible
  4. Include full and complete NDIS line items
  5. Clearly reflect your unit cost/hourly rate and duration of service delivery
  6. Keep the same invoice format with information in the same places on each invoice to streamline processing.

There are Provider and Payment FAQs to answer any questions you might have.

We also provide an invoice template that has the formatting to create an NDIS-compliant invoice.

Ready to refer a client?

Thank you! We are delighted that you have chosen to refer your client to Leap in! plan management.

Click the button below to complete the sign up form with your client’s details and we will be in touch.

If you don’t have all their details, no problems! Just tick the referral only box and we can obtain additional information later.