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23 September 2020

Leap in! app update: What’s new?

We’ve been working behind the scenes on making the Leap in! NDIS planning and budgeting app even better.

With loads of new features being released, it’s a great time to have a look around. Even more so, it’s the perfect partner for preparing for your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting.

What’s new?

  • You’ll notice a new Welcome screen
  • Easy log in and new way for first-time users to create a profile
  • Fast track to sign up for Leap in! plan management

Let me explore section with demonstration NDIS participant profiles so you can see how to use the My Profile and My Budgets sections of the app.

Start your profile.

My profile screen of the Leap in! app
By completing each of the sections in My profile you’ll build a record of you and your life right now. You’ll also have a record of everything you need for your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting.

With the app, you keep all your information in the one, secure place and can invite members of your family, support coordinators, support workers, providers or support crew to read or add to your information.

Check out ‘Rachel’s’ or ‘John’s’ demonstration profiles for some great examples and ideas on how to include your information or to update and refresh your current profile.

It’s all about you.

About me screen of the Leap in! app              Impact of my disability screen of the Leap in! app

Build your profile by adding information to each section. In My details you can:

  1. Add who you are, where you live and how you can be contacted.
  2. Add details of your Life stage, Disability and Impact of my disability in the relevant spaces.

Top tip: Need some help with how to best describe things for your NDIS meeting? You’ll find great suggestions in the Guide me section.

In About me, the app guides you to provide all the information you’ll need to:

  1. Explain your Favourite things (the first step to thinking about your goals).
  2. Record your Health and wellbeing.
  3. Add details about your Home and Crew – all the important people in your life.
  4. Detail your Supports. 

My crew screen of the Leap in! app              My goals screen of the Leap in! app

There is also a special smart Goals section. Here you can use the unique goal generator and the app’s goal tracking features – the perfect tools for your first NDIS Plan meeting or your Plan Review.

The app is smart – the information you enter allows the app to make recommendations and provide relevant content suggestions and information.

And, at any time you can select My plan summary to see all the information you have entered. This useful summary feature can also be printed or emailed to your NDIS Planner ready for your plan meeting.

My plan summary screen of the Leap in! app 

NDIS Plan budgets made easy.

If you’re a Leap in! member, you know that the My budgets section shows you all your NDIS budgets and how you’re tracking with them in simple, clear graphs.

If you’re not yet a Leap in! member, you can see how My budgets works in the app by checking out the demo profiles for ‘Rachel’ and ‘John’.

My budgets summary screen of the Leap in! app 

In My budgets, you can also find Messages, Approve provider payments and see your Payment history.  You can find all your previous NDIS Plans and their history here for easy review.

You’ll also be able to use the Provider near me special feature in this section of the app. It gives you recommendations for providers in your local area who offer supports and services that are specifically matched to budget categories where you have unspent funds!

See how it could work for you.

Next time you’re in the app and the new Welcome to Leap in! screen appears, select Let me explore to check out the demonstration profiles.


The Leap in! Crew are here to help. If you have any questions about the app, connect with us on 1300 05 78 78. Don’t forget our free NDIS pre-planning sessions or visit to sign up to Leap in! plan management today.


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