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16 December 2020

Inclusive employment: Latest Leap in! ebook.

The best job is one where your goals, skills and abilities are matched to the role. Australian workplaces are increasingly reflecting the diversity in our community, but there is a lot more employers can do to provide better access to career development and opportunities for all abilities.

Studies show that people with diverse abilities bring unique talents, skills and insights to the workplace that can lead to improved morale, better staff retention rates and competitive advantages.

Did you know?

  • Studies show that labour force participation rates for people with disability have changed little over the last 20 years
  • People with disabilities have fewer options when it comes to meaningful employment and access to career development opportunities.

It’s stats like these that prompted us to create our latest ebook, Inclusive employment: A comprehensive guide to creating a culture of inclusion for people with disability in your organisation.

While this ebook mostly focuses on how businesses can create a more accepting and inclusive workplaces, we hope that people with disability who may be looking for work will find that it’s a great resource too.

Read on to find out more and download the free ebook.

Inclusive employment – topics covered.

  • Advantages of workplace inclusion
  • What the law says
  • Smashing misconceptions and myths
  • Taking the first steps towards inclusive employment
  • Recruiting people with diverse abilities
  • Preparing your workplace
  • Creating a culture of inclusion
  • Assistance and support including funding.

Leap in! co-founder and chief executive officer Andrew Kiel said that opportunities for people with disabilities have been too often restricted to traditional supported work environments.

“People may perceive there are barriers to employing people with more diverse abilities. Yet studies show there are significant business advantages to be gained by embracing a culture of inclusion in the workplace,” says Mr Kiel.

“Here at Leap in! we believe all people should have equal access to meaningful employment. People with diverse abilities can contribute enormously to the workplace.

“Australians with a disability aspire to work in a career of their choosing the same as anyone. The more we all understand their needs, start overcoming prejudice or concerns around additional costs and start taking positive action to employ people with disability, the more our workplaces will reflect our community,” Mr Kiel said.

“This ebook is a small but important step to achieving our aim of a society where workplace diversity is the norm, where people with a disability have equal opportunity to forge career paths that ignite their passions and workplaces are more reflective of the communities in which they service.”

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Inclusive employment: A comprehensive guide to creating a culture of inclusion for people with disability in your organisation.

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