How Leap in! has helped Lisa become more active and connected.

Lisa visits the gym daily, is a client with the RSPCA Happy Paws Happy Hearts Foundation program, and enjoys making new friends. But it hasn’t always been this way. Her life has improved immensely since joining the NDIS and becoming a Leap in! Member.

Lisa has experienced health issues all of her life, including a mental health condition, diabetes, arthritis, depression and anxiety. Before getting an NDIS Plan, she didn’t like to socialise and spent most of her time at home, even ordering groceries online to reduce time spent in the community.

After receiving help from her psychiatrist, Lisa applied for the NDIS and, as recommended by her sister, joined Leap in! Just over a year later, her life couldn’t be more different.

Leap in! member Lisa standing in front of a camel in its enclosure

[Leap in! member Lisa standing in front of a camel that is inside its enclosure]


Getting out and about in the community.

Now Lisa visits the gym every morning and often enjoys a walk around the lakes in her neighbourhood on Brisbane’s southside in the afternoon.

Lisa is finding it easier to get out in the community more, as a client of RSPCA Happy Paws Happy Hearts Foundation, where she cares for and socialises animals awaiting adoption. She’s also made new friends who enjoy working with animals.

Building a community of people who support her has helped Lisa become more confident to try new things, including starting aqua swimming and sewing cloth shopping bags for friends and family. She is learning to paint and use a computer, and has even begun a herb garden!


Support for NDIS challenges.

Leap in! helps Lisa with any challenges associated with using her NDIS funds, including solving problems related to supports and providers.

“Last year, I had a large provider that wasn’t working for me. Rob suggested two other providers. I picked one, and now I’m very happy,” she said.

“If I have an issue with a support worker, Leap in! offers to ring them and help sort out the issue. I don’t stress because I know they will come back with a solution 100% of the time!”


Better health and wellbeing.

“After a suggestion from Leap in! I have been working with a dietician and exercise psychologist for five months. Previously, my diabetes was very bad, with a level between 12 and 13. Now, after a change of diet and all my support, it’s between 5 and 6. I have lost 5 kg and 7 cm around my waist and hips,” Lisa said.

“I tried acupuncture to help the arthritis in my back and hips. It has been working great and now the arthritis doesn’t hurt so much. I also found out I could buy a machine to help me with my sleep issues.”

Lisa says Leap in! takes care of all the bills and invoicing so she can concentrate on getting the support she needs.

“All my bills and invoices are paid within seven days of my approval,” she said. “Leap in! has always been great. They are there for the client. It has been a great journey so far and I want to keep going. I would never leave Leap in! I have so much trust in them.”

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