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Leap in! is the leading NDIS plan manager in Tasmania.

The NDIS can be overwhelming and there’s a lot of paperwork involved! That’s why it helps to have someone on your team who can manage all the admin and bookkeeping.

Leap in! provides plan management services to people on the NDIS and their families all across Tasmania. We help you make the most of your NDIS Plan and take care of all the time-consuming paperwork so you can get on with your life.

A new NDIS system is being trialled in Tasmania.

The NDIS has a new computer system which is now being tested in Tasmania. People who are new to the NDIS and people with NDIS plans expiring soon will transition to the new system.

The new system includes:

  • A new portal for accessing your NDIS records and NDIS Plan
  • Changes to how the NDIS records any enquiries you have
  • Processing payments for providers.

Here at Leap in! we stay up-to-date with the latest information from the NDIS so we can keep our Members and community informed. We understand that changes to NDIS processes can be daunting, so we’ve summarised the main changes below.

Wherever you are on your NDIS journey, we’re here to help! Call us on 1300 057 878 or complete the form below if you have any questions and we will be in touch!

The new NDIS computer system: Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS has developed a new system to improve how they help people with disability, and children with developmental concerns and their families. 

The new system covers:

  • How people learn about and connect with community and mainstream services, including the NDIS
  • Applying to the NDIS
  • Creating an NDIS Plan
  • Supporting participants to make the most of their NDIS Plan.

A formal test ran from November 2022 to March 2023 and that test is now complete. Feedback from the test is being reviewed and applied before rolling the system out across Australia. The new system will continue to be used in Tasmania as more people come up to their plan reassessment dates.

Tasmanians with NDIS Plans due to end in the test period or shortly after and anyone who needed changes to their plan before the scheduled reassessment date. Adults and children new to the NDIS were also included.

The new system is not changing the rules or how the NDIS operates. It is changing how the NDIS handles and records information and payments. It will eventually replace the current computer systems, portal and payment systems. 

The NDIS says the new system is designed to improve the experience of participants and providers. It is common to test a new computer system in stages to fix issues before it becomes more widely available. 

The NDIS will contact you to start the process for a plan reassessment.

You will need to create a log in to the new NDIS portal. Your NDIS contact or LAC will help you make the transition if required (see below for more information about accessing the new portal).

The NDIS has released some information about some of the things that you may notice if you’re transitioning to the new system.

  • There will be a new participant portal
  • Participants will meet with the planner who approves their NDIS Plan
  • There will be 21 support categories instead of 15
  • A new type of support will be applied to transport called “recurring”
  • Other additional support categories are: Home and living, AT repairs and rental, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Behaviour support and Young people in residential aged care
  • Existing codes will automatically be directed to the appropriate budgets in the new system.

Before you use the new portal for the first time, you need to register. You will need these details:

  • Your NDIS number 
  • Date of birth
  • The mobile phone number or email address linked to your NDIS account.

Yes. PACE is the name the NDIS staff use for the system. However, for participants and the public, the NDIS is just using “the new system”.

 As of June 2023, more than 3,200 Tasmanians on the NDIS had approved plans in the new system.

The system is expected to roll out across Australia during late 2023.

Woman lying on the grass with a young boy on her back
Woman lying on the grass with a young boy on her back

What Leap in! plan management can do for you.

As a not-for-profit, Leap in! will always put you first. That’s part of our People before Profit guarantee. We exist to help our Members make the most of their NDIS Plans and supports.

  • Pay provider invoices on your behalf
  • Help you get the most from your NDIS budget
  • Tell you if you’re spending too much or too little
  • Answer all your NDIS-related questions.
  • A free award-winning app
  • Fast payment of invoices

NDIS plan management Tasmania.

Plan management is one of the choices Tasmanians have for managing their NDIS Plans.

By using a plan manager like Leap in! you get choice and control over your budgets plus someone to pay provider invoices on your behalf and answer all your questions.

When you attend your NDIS Plan or Plan reassessment meeting, you get to choose from plan management, self managing or have the NDIA agency manage your plan.

This is when you can tell the NDIS you want to use Leap in! as your plan manager. The NDIS puts additional funds into your plan to pay for plan management. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Check out What is plan management? Or watch the video below for more information.

The NDIS in Tasmania.


active NDIS participants

$1,117 million

total value of plan budgets

61% of people

with NDIS plans have a plan manager

How the NDIS is supporting residents across Tasmania.
Young adult male leaning against a brickwall outside in the sunshine
Young adult male leaning against a brickwall outside in the sunshine

The highest number of active NDIS participants live in the north of Tasmania (3,852), followed by the south west (3,554), south east (3,001) and north west (2,963). The average annual NDIS plan budget for active participants in Tasmania is $87,500.

An additional 116 children receive supports through the early childhood approach.

In Tasmania, the NDIS supports people with a wide range of disabilities.

  • Autism 34%
  • Intellectual disability 23%
  • Psychosocial disability 9%
  • Developmental delay 8%
  • Deaf or hard of hearing 4%
  • Other neurological 4%
  • Other physical 3%

First Nations people make up 9.6% of NDIS participants in Tasmania, while 2.6% are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Why choose Leap in! as your NDIS plan manager in Tasmania?

You’re in control.

Working with Leap in! plan management gives you the flexibility to choose your own providers and control over how you spend your NDIS funds.

Get great advice.

Could your NDIS funding go further? Are you struggling to find supports or providers? We’ll answer all your questions, connect you to NDIS providers and support you to implement your NDIS goals.

We know the NDIS.

At Leap in! we believe everyone should have the freedom to live the life they want to lead and access to everything to make that happen. Our friendly crew are knowledgeable, helpful and excellent at explaining things.

Help to make the most of your plan.

On average in Tasmania, 25% of NDIS funding goes unspent. It doesn’t roll over if you don’t spend all the funding in your plan. With Leap in! you get a monthly statement and Budget Health Checks, so you always know how you’re tracking.

Award-winning app.

See how your budgets are tracking in real time with the award-winning Leap in! app. Set up your profile and keep all your info in one place, so you only have to tell your story once. The app also helps you prepare for your NDIS Plan and Plan reassessment meetings.

Connect with providers in your area.

The Leap in! Provider Network Directory makes it easier to find the right services and supports for you. There are thousands of NDIS providers in the Leap in! provider network directory covering everything from allied health to yard maintenance.

Access our useful resources.

How to get NDIS plan management in Tasmania.

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