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15 June 2021

Free ebook: Mental health conditions and the NDIS

The NDIS has an important role to play in supporting eligible people who live with mental health conditions. But mental health can be one of the most complicated and confusing aspects of the scheme.

Leap in! has created a free ebook about mental health and the NDIS to make it easier to navigate.

Mental health conditions and the NDIS: A guide to access and supports is designed to help people with a mental health condition get clear on how to access the NDIS and the types of supports available. Read on to find out more and get your copy.


Mental health conditions and the NDIS.

The Leap in! Crew supports many people living with mental health conditions on their NDIS journey. It’s all part of the work we do as NDIS plan managers.

Around 10% of NDIS participants have a psychosocial disability (a disability caused by a mental health condition). That’s around 40,000 people.

So if you have a mental health condition and are unsure about whether you’re eligible for the NDIS, it is worth spending time to see if the NDIS can help you.

In summary:

  • You may be eligible to access the NDIS if you have a mental health condition
  • Diagnosis alone is not sufficient
  • In addition to diagnosis, you’ll need to prove functional impairment
  • Functional impairments are called “psychosocial disabilities”
  • The key to meeting NDIS access criteria and getting the supports you need from the NDIS is being able to explain the functional impact of your condition.


What’s in the ebook.

The ebook contains detailed information about accessing the NDIS if you have a mental health condition, as well as the eligibility criteria. There’s also a flow chart that simplifies the process visually.

The ebook brings together relevant information in one place including:

  • Who can help you with an NDIS Access Request
  • Details about how the NDIS views impairment
  • Sourcing and providing evidence
  • How the NDIS may be able to help with everyday tasks
  • The concept of recovery and how it is defined by the NDIS
  • Types of supports the NDIS may fund
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Helpful resources.

The guide makes it easier to work out which services and supports may be provided by the NDIS and those that should be sought from mainstream or community mental health providers instead.

It also contains information about Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, a new support item designed specifically for people living with mental health conditions.


How to get your copy.

The ebook is free and available to everyone.

Download the ebook here and keep a copy on your computer or device for future reference, or print at home to read it at your leisure.

You can also access our website page that contains links to all the individual chapters and bookmark the relevant pages for future reference.


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