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15 November 2019

How do you find the right providers?

So you’ve got your new NDIS Plan… what comes next?

One of the questions our members with new plans often ask us is “how do I find providers in my area for the new services and supports I need?”.

Our plan managers provide great advice and connections for local providers in your area or you can take a look at our new Provider Network Directory to find the right organisation to suit your needs.

The Leap in! Provider Network Directory.

To find the directory visit our website. Once you are on the home page:

  1. Click on the “Members” menu in the block bar
  2. Select “Find a provider” from the drop-down menu (see image below for an example).

Click here for a shortcut the Provider Network Directory.

What types of providers will I find in the directory?

You’ll find providers that offer a wide range of services and supports including:

  • Allied health services
  • Personalised support services
  • Respite accommodation
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Employment services
  • Independent living skills
  • Meal preparation and delivery
  • Consumables such as personal alarms, medical supplies and therapy dolls
  • Support coordination.

The directory is also a valuable resource for finding community groups and organisations that specialise in working with people with specific disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy.

How do I use the directory?

There are several ways to view the providers in the directory:

1. Review alphabetically

On the summary pages, supports providers are listed A to Z.

Click on the red “Read more” button  (see image below) to go to the provider’s profile page where you can see:

  • What they do
  • Who they can help
  • The products or services they provide

Locations they service.

2. Use the search filters

On the right side of the summary pages, there is a ‘Refine your search’ feature. Click on the red plus icon (see image below) to apply and refine each of the filters. You can use one filter at a time or combine them for more specific results. Relevant providers will then pop-up automatically on the screen.

Click to refine and view: Who we support

This filter helps you find organisations that service different groups of people such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Children or Seniors. Click on the red plus icon next to “Who we support” and select the option that suits you.

Click to refine and view: Diagnoses & conditions

This filter helps you find organisations that can help with certain types of disabilities or conditions. Click on the red plus icon next to “Diagnoses & Conditions” then click on the option that applies.

Click to refine and view: Service types

If you know the type of service you want (for example assistance with household tasks) use the service types filter. Click on the red plus icon next to “Service types” and select the services you need.

Click to refine and view: Locations

This is a really handy filter for helping you find service providers near you. Click on the red plus icon next to “Locations” and select the area you need.

We’re here to help.

If you need some help to navigate the Leap in! Provider Network Directory, or are having trouble finding the right provider to help you make the most of your NDIS budget, give the Leap in! Crew a call on 1300 05 78 78.