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Early Years (0 - 4 yrs).

We deliver a flexible and broad range of services that focus on the child and family to build practical skills, increase knowledge and encourage positive social relationships within their community.

Our team of highly skilled early intervention specialists work across a number of areas, including diagnosis, positive behaviour support, developmental and social learning, therapy and family-based interventions.


Aspect schools can enrol children from as young as 3 years and 9 months. We have nine independent autism-specific schools, which include more than 100 satellite classes (specialist classes run by Aspect in mainstream schools), and support around 1,200 children in our schools.

Primary School (5 - 12 yrs).

We work with children and families to:

  • Increase social skills and relationships
  • Deepen the understanding and sense of self
  • Increase the sense of connection with others and the world at large
  • Extend social, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with our loved ones

Adolescence (13 - 18 yrs).

We believe that young people depend on their families, schools, peers and communities to develop the skills and confidence to make the successful transition to adulthood. Our adolescent services, whether they be school-based, community-based, or in the home, all work together to assist each young person to develop their own identity and be strong independent thinkers and contributors in adulthood.

Adult (18+).

Our programs assist you to develop skills, increase independence, engage with community activities and identify employment options. 

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians
Young Adults

Diagnoses and conditions:

ADHD and associated conditions

Service types our organisation supports:

Behavioural assessment and support
Equipment and assistive technology
Family counselling
Finding employment
Free Tools/Support
Information Service
Occupational therapy
Other counselling
Skill development
Speech pathology
Support coordination

Our locations:

Adelaide - East - Hills
Adelaide - Inner City
Adelaide - North
Adelaide - South
Adelaide - West
Blue Mountains
Central Coast
Coffs Harbour
Melbourne - East
Melbourne - Inner City
Melbourne - North
Melbourne - South
Melbourne - West
Port Augusta - North SA
Sydney - Blacktown
Sydney - Eastern Suburbs
Sydney - Hills District
Sydney - Inner City
Sydney - Inner West
Sydney - Liverpool
Sydney - North Shore
Sydney - Northern Beaches
Sydney - Parramatta
Sydney - Ryde
Sydney - South
Sydney - South West
Wagga Wagga