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Therapy and Learning Centre service prides itself on working not only with the child but also works closely with the parents to teach the child how to use specific activities and games to change the way the muscles combine to work together and make tasks easier. Then team also work on improving the integration between the two sides of the brain to improve processing of information. Visual motor integration is evaluated to see if the perceptual skills and motor skills needed to develop reading and writing skills are age appropriate and to compare the motor control to the age appropriate levels. 

A combined program is designed for each child by the two therapists in collaboration with the parents to be incorporated into their daily routine. While practice of specific skills will help, the programs are designed with fun in mind and include specific games and activities especially designed to promote further development of the skills. By incorporating some practice into the daily routine, progress is seen quickly and the program works on encouraging each child to reach his or her optimal potential. 

Our organisation supports:

Culturally and linguistically diverse people
Parents/Legal Guardians

Diagnoses and conditions:

Acquired Brain Injury
ADHD and associated conditions
Autism and related conditions
Cerebral palsy
Deafness and hearing loss
Developmental delay
Down syndrome
Global development delay
Intellectual disability
Invisible Disability
Mental Health
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple sclerosis
Other intellectual/learning conditions
Other psychosocial/psychiatric
Other sensory/speech
Other – physical
Physical Disability

Service types our organisation supports:

Occupational therapy

Our locations:

Sydney - North Shore