What is Supported Independent Living?


Supported Independent Living is a package of NDIS supports designed to help a person with a disability live as independently as possible in a shared living arrangement. There are also other NDIS options that may be available to support you to live more independently at home.

The NDIS indicates that SIL is best suited to people who need “significant assistance everyday”. It may be ideal for you if you require significant person-to-person support to live independently.

SIL can include all the supports you need to be independent and learn skills in a home environment. This might include personal care, assistance with daily tasks or help to get around.

The amount of SIL funding included in an NDIS Plan depends on the level of support you need to live independently in a home shared with other NDIS participants.


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Housing options can include:

  • A rental property
  • Your own home or a home your family has purchased for you to live in
  • Government or community housing
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)
  • Provider managed accommodation.


Benefits of Supported Independent Living.

  • A feeling of freedom and independence
  • More choice and control
  • Share supports with other people
  • Not having to live with your family
  • Share other costs such as rent and electricity
  • Learn new skills
  • Live with or close to friends and family members.


What is the difference between SIL and SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or high care needs. SDA is only available to a very small proportion of NDIS participants.

SIL does not provide or fund housing. Instead, it funds supports that make it possible for a person with a disability to live more independently in shared arrangements. SIL is more broadly available and supports NDIS
participants who live in different types of homes.

It is possible to receive funding for both SIL and SDA.

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