Service Agreements with SIL providers.


A service agreement is a simple, written document that explains your responsibilities and the responsibilities of a service provider. Service providers are people or businesses that provide services to you such as a
company that offers Supported Independent Living services.

While you are not required to have a Service Agreement with your SIL provider, it ensures you have everything in writing. Service Agreements are between you and the provider and do not involve the NDIS.


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Why is a Service Agreement important?

  1. It helps to ensure you get the right supports
  2. It helps you and your SIL provider agree on how services will be delivered
  3. Your responsibilities are clear (eg. how to cancel an appointment)
  4. It describes how to change or end the agreement
  5. It contains contact details of a person to talk to if there’s a problem
  6. It sets out how much services cost and how they will be paid for.

Service agreements can include the following information:

  • The services and supports that will be provided
  • How much the services and supports will cost
  • When, where and how you would like the services to be provided
  • How long you need the supports for
  • When your service agreement will be reviewed
  • The provider’s cancellation policy
  • Everyone’s responsibilities under the agreement.

Your Service Agreement should refer to your SIL Roster of Care. Templates are available to ensure all the important information is covered.

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