Step 1: Decide on the details for your NDIS plan meeting.

Before you confirm your meeting we recommend thinking about…

  1. What type of meeting you would like for example, face to face or over the phone?
  2. Where would you like to be for the meeting, for example in your house, in your Local Area Coordinator’s office or other?
  3. If you have a preferred time for the meeting, for example morning, afternoon or evening?
  4. Who would you like to be involved in your planning meeting for example, family member, close friend, your partner or a person who supports you (someone you know and can trust)?
  5. Do you need communication or assistive aids for the meeting?
  6. Do you need a translator?

Step 2: For your plan meeting

Use this guide below for helpful information to take to your meeting – you may not need all of these or have other ones you’d like to include as well.

1.   Leap in! Plan Ready Summary

View, print or share this summary, located on the Plan Meeting page.

2.   Assessments and reports (where relevant)

      • Diagnosis from specialists
      • Home modification assessment
      • Medication charts
      • Mental health reports
      • Care needs assessments
      • Occupational therapist and speech pathologist reports
      • Neuropsychological assessments
      • Incontinence assessments and management plans
      • Physical condition/accessibility needs
      • Other

3.   My community and mainstream supports

      • Current support plan from my service provider/s listing all supports
      • List of drop in (ad hoc) support services
      • Quote from provider/s for supports or equipment that you would like covered in your new NDIS plan (not compulsory)
      • All your unpaid/unfunded supports from family and friends and supports from community groups are included in the Crew section of this app