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08 November 2019

Getting help around the yard: What will the NDIS cover?

If having a disability makes it difficult for you to manage tasks around the yard such as mowing the lawn and garden maintenance, you may be able to pay for these supports with your NDIS funding.

It can be tricky to determine exactly what the NDIS will cover in these circumstances, so the Leap in! Crew have prepared this handy guide.

Maintaining lawns and gardens.

Mowing the lawn and keeping the garden tidy is an important aspect of home maintenance, regardless of whether you rent or own your home.

The NDIS may be able to cover the cost of lawn and garden maintenance, depending on your individual circumstances, according to these guidelines:

  • Your disability prevents you from being able to undertake the tasks yourself
  • The support is related to your NDIS goals
  • It is considered “reasonable and necessary” – more on What is that “reasonable and necessary”?
  • It will help you live an ordinary life.

Assistance with daily life.

The NDIS Core supports budget includes a category called “Assistance with daily life”, designed to help with regular daily tasks that support people with a disability to live as independently as possible. Support for yard maintenance is included under this category.

Core supports funding is quite flexible, so once you have funding approved in this category, you are able to choose how it is spent, providing it meets the NDIS guidelines.

For example, you might decide to get someone to help you with any of the following tasks:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Trimming edges and hedges
  • Treating weeds
  • Gardening and mulching.

While a quote is not required, there is a limit to how much the NDIS will pay per hour for assistance with personal domestic activities.

The current rates are:

  • National non-remote $50.03
  • National remote $70.04
  • National very remote $75.05

Keep in mind that the NDIS will only cover the cost of getting someone to complete the tasks and will not pay for inputs such as mulch, soil, compost or plants.

Getting help with yard maintenance.

When you’re plan managed, you can choose any yard maintenance company you like regardless of whether they are NDIS registered or not.

It’s important to consider the following:

  • Are there any tasks you can do yourself? (This is an important one as NDIS funding can only be used for yard maintenance you are unable to do it yourself)
  • How often does your lawn need mowing?
  • Are there tasks such as weeding that can be done less often?

Next, you are ready to get some quotes from service providers so you can compare prices and services.

6 tips for working with a lawn care or yard maintenance company.

  1. List the tasks you want completed
  2. Find out if there is a discount for regular servicing
  3. Check availability and whether they can attend on a day that suits you
  4. Make any arrangements for access such as unlocking the gate
  5. Let your service provider know if you have pets, and ensure any dogs are restrained or moved inside on the day
  6. Negotiate a service agreement outlining the services and costs.

Learning to care for your own yard.

The NDIS is designed to help you become as independent as possible. If you want to do some of your own lawn and garden care, that’s fine, just let your service provider know.

If one of your NDIS goals is to learn how to do these tasks yourself, you may be able to obtain some funding from the Capacity Building budget to develop the skills to do just that in your next Plan meeting.

How Leap in! can help.

If you need assistance around the yard, Leap in! can connect you with a provider that can keep your yard maintained and tidy. We have a growing number of registered and non-registered providers on our website: see our Provider Network Directory for more details.

Call us on 1300 05 78 78 to book your free NDIS pre-planning session, email or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

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