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26 March 2019

Getting Plan ready when you have epilepsy.

Here at the Leap in! HQ, we have members with a diverse range of disabilities and conditions and we often get asked questions on how the NDIS can help them specifically.

Today, we thought we would investigate and share how the NDIS can help members with epilepsy (and parents and carers of children with epilepsy).


Is epilepsy covered under the NDIS?

While some people with epilepsy do not see themselves as having a disability, if you or your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may be eligible to receive assistance and support services under the NDIS. This will depend on your unique circumstances and the functional impact that this has on your life.

When it comes to the NDIS application process, all applicants must complete Part A (General Information) and Part B (Diagnosis of Conditions). However, because epilepsy is not currently recognised as a condition that allows for streamlined processing when entering the NDIS, you will also need to complete Part C which involves providing evidence of the impact of your condition.


What support might I receive under the NDIS?

There are a wide range of support services available to help you if you are looking for assistance managing the challenges of living with epilepsy. Appropriate supports can help you enhance your wellbeing and day-to-day living as well as help you achieve your goals. Your NDIS funding will be determined based on what is ‘reasonable and necessary’.

Read more about what the NDIS considers What is ‘reasonable and necessary’?.

Some NDIS approved supports may include:

  • Assistive Technology assessments to identify aids and equipment to enhance safety and independence, such as monitoring equipment, cooling devices etc.
  • Assistance with developing an Epilepsy Management Plan
  • Assistance with developing an Epilepsy Emergency Management Plan
  • Support staff and family member training on Understanding Epilepsy / Administration of Midazolam
  • House modifications that can improve your safety
  • Access to social groups and community activities
  • Support for family and carers.


We can help you navigate the NDIS.

Let us help you with your NDIS pre-planning for your first meeting or plan review to ensure you’re prepared with everything you need to get an outcome right for you.

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