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08 February 2019

NDIS and family support.

We get asked a lot of questions here at Leap in! HQ and this week our members have been asking about the NDIS and Family Support services: what’s the difference and how do they work together?

What does the NDIS fund?

The NDIS assesses each case individually and may provide:

  • Supports that are needed because of the impact of a child or parent’s disability
  • Training programs for parents and carers who have a disability or a child with a disability
  • Supports for children and dependants with a disability who may need in-home modifications, equipment, therapies and behavioural support
  • Supports that help a child’s skills and that help them become more independent.

What do Community and Government Family Services fund?

The Community and Government Family Services look after things like:

  • Responding to child protection issues
  • Information and awareness regarding child safety and wellness
  • Counselling, parenting skills programs and family relationship services
  • Out-of home care for children, teenagers and adults, including housing, care allowances, payments and other standard supports.
  • Family and parental payments such as the Family Tax Benefit or Child Care Rebates.

Can the NDIS provide additional supports if the Community and Government Family Services system doesn’t fund the supports I need?

Sadly no, the NDIS cannot fund supports that fall under the Community and Government Family Services system. However, a Local Area Coordinator may be able to assist you to make contact with the Community Services system and discuss your needs.

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