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28 February 2020

NDIS budget category focus: Improved Health and Wellbeing.

Everyone has different goals they want to achieve, that’s why no two NDIS Plans are the same. Whether you’re wanting to learn about nutrition, cook healthier meals or improve your fitness, your NDIS Plan can help you to achieve this!

By choosing to live a healthier lifestyle you can improve your energy levels, mood, fitness, concentration levels and your overall mobility. It can even help you to live longer!

So it’s a great goal to include in your NDIS Plan if you want to make changes in this area. And, if you have, you most likely will receive funding for it within your Capacity Building budget under the category Improved Health and Wellbeing.

What are Capacity Building budgets?

The nine Capacity Building budgets aim to support you as you learn new skills to improve your independence and you can learn more about them in our previous article Capacity Building budgets: A closer look. One of these budgets is Improved Health and Wellbeing.

Let’s talk about Improved Health and Wellbeing.

This funding can be used to improve aspects of your health or wellbeing.

Sometimes poor lifestyle choices such as eating too many unhealthy foods and not exercising enough can contribute to our health problems. So learning to better manage our lifestyles is the first step to helping us feel better.

If you are wanting to learn more about nutrition, you could potentially use your funding to book a consultation with a dietitian. They will be able to teach you about nutrition, give you healthy recipe ideas or create a meal plan that’s tailored to your likes and dislikes. You can read more about that in our previous article Dietitians: what they do and how they can help you.

Maybe you are already eating a balanced diet but are looking for some advice on how to stay physically active. In this case, you can use your funding to meet with a personal trainer who can create a program tailored to your goals, whether that be building strength or improving mobility.

How can I spend this funding?

Funding is pretty flexible but only for support services within this category and as always, must meet the ‘reasonable and necessary’ guidelines. This means you can spend your allocated funding on support services that you have chosen to help improve your physical or mental wellbeing.

For example, you may decide to spend all of your funding on regular appointments with a dietician if you feel that eating healthier is your main priority.

Or if you’re looking to improve your overall lifestyle, you may choose to spend part of your funding to see a dietician and the other part to meet with a personal trainer.

Perhaps you have an injury that’s holding you back. In this case, you may choose to spend all or part of your funding to see an exercise physiologist.

We can help!  

If you want more great ideas on how you can kick start your health through your NDIS Plan, have a chat with our crew.

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