New NDIS Participant Service Charter
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30 September 2020

New NDIS Participant Service Charter.

One of the major reforms announced by the NDIS recently is the introduction of a new Participant Service Charter which sets out what participants can expect from the NDIS and their partners in the community.

If you’ve ever been unsure about what to expect when dealing with the NDIS, the charter makes things much clearer.

Today we take a look at the most important aspects of the charter to help you navigate your interactions with the NDIS with confidence.

What is the Participant Service Charter?

It’s a document available on the NDIS website that talks about how the NDIS will provide services to participants including the expected standards and timeframes.

5 main principles.

The NDIS has developed five principles that outline the experience they are committed to providing for participants when you communicate or engage with the NDIA.


“We make it easy to access and understand information and decisions.”

The NDIS aims to keep you informed, communicate in your preferred format and explain how decisions that affect you are made.


“We will respond to individual needs and circumstances.”

The NDIS says it will make decisions within the time standards set out in the service charter (see below). It will also provide you with a staff member to contact so you don’t have to constantly repeat your information.


“We will recognise your individual experience and acknowledge you are an expert in your own life.”

This NDIS says it will listen to your experience and obtain feedback to improve how it does things. Staff will be trained to understand the impact of different disabilities on people’s lives.


“Access information easily and be supported by the NDIS to lead life.”

People with a disability and the community will help to develop and test NDIS processes. The NDIS says it will update information to make it easier to understand and more useful for implementing NDIS Plans.


“You can access the supports and services you need.”

Different options will be provided for how you can interact with the NDIS. There will be more focus on connecting with participants in different settings and communities, especially in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Service times.

The NDIS is measuring itself against new service guarantees relating to access, NDIS Plans and Plan Reviews. Some important timeframes are listed below. For details, review the full document on the NDIS website.

NDIS service times

Other highlights.

The service charter also outlines the NDIS complaint handling process including what to do if you do not agree with a decision they have made or are unhappy with the outcome of a decision review.

The Participant Service Improvement Plan outlines the steps the NDIA will be taking to help make improvements and meet these expectations.

Navigate the NDIS with confidence.

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