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23 October 2020

NDIS Participant Service Improvement Plan: What you need to know.

Based on participant feedback, the NDIS has developed a two year plan to improve the services it provides. It’s called the Participant Service Improvement Plan 2020-2021.

We mentioned the plan in a previous story (Important update: New NDIS reforms announced) but today we’ll explore some of the details so you’re better informed about how it may affect you.

The changes, which will be rolled out over the next two years, cover a range of areas including getting information from the NDIS, accessing the NDIS and using your plan.

Why have a Service Improvement Plan (SIP)?

The plan consists of all the actions that will be completed to achieve the promises made in the NDIS Service Charter and Service Guarantee.

The SIP aims to make NDIS processes work better for all participants. It has been developed as a result of feedback from participants and the Tune Review recommendations.

Communicating with the NDIS.

These items relate to how the NDIS communicates with you and how you communicate with the NDIS.

  • You will have a current contact name for interactions with the NDIS
  • The name of a real person will be added to letters from the NDIS
  • Online forms and services will be available if you prefer to use them
  • You will have the ability to track your enquiries to the NDIS online.

Information and decisions.

Both decisions and guidelines from the NDIS will use plain English descriptions with less jargon to make information easier to understand.

  • Decision letters will include reasons why the NDIS has decided something
  • You will be able to access your personal data without having to ask through Freedom of Information (FOI)
  • There will be clearer guidelines and procedures to ensure consistency in decision making
  • Clearer information will be provided about what “reasonable and necessary” means.

Accessing the NDIS.

Independent assessments will be used more regularly to help determine access to the NDIS. These assessments will be paid for by the NDIS.

Where a person is unable to gain access to the NDIS, the NDIS will help connect them to other services and supports – like mainstream services and community supports.

Making and using your NDIS Plan.

The NDIS is hoping to offer greater flexibility in the process for creating NDIS Plans and offer greater support for using your plan.

  • You will have the option for a face-to-face meeting with the person who makes a decision about your plan supports and funding
  • Video conferencing will become more readily available for planning meetings
  • You will get plan summary statements and drafts before your plan is approved so you can double check it first
  • Plans will be longer and ongoing. They will only be reviewed when requested by you or the NDIS – such as when your circumstances change.
  • The NDIS will proactively check in with participants to see how their plan is going and whether an update is needed.

NDIS budgets and funding.

  • Budgets will become more flexible
  • Access to assistive technology and home modifications will be simpler
  • New guidelines will be released for more complex home modifications
  • Individualised Living Options will be encouraged as an alternative to group homes
  • There will be more flexibility in funding for early intervention supports for children.

The NDIS has said it would proactively check in on participants more often, especially if you are in a vulnerable situation. It will also improve direct support for participants with complex needs or people requiring critical supports.

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