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02 April 2019

NDIS terms: What do they mean? Part 2.

Not so long ago, we sent around a short NDIS Glossary and it proved to be popular…. So we thought it’s time to send the next update.

Now, here are seven more terms that often leave people stumped:

  1. Formal supports.
    Formal supports are paid supports where a formal agreement or contract is in place.
  2. Informal supports.
    Informal support refers to unpaid support given by family members or friends.
  3. Mainstream services.
    These are the government systems that provide services to the general Australian public (outside the NDIS) like Health, Mental Health, Education, Justice, Housing and Employment services.
  4. Nominee.
    A nominee is a person (often a parent, family member or friend) who an NDIS participant has nominated to assist with the unpaid management and organisation of supports.
  5. Support coordinator.
    A support coordinator is a person who works to assist a participant find and engage with formal supports.
  6. Significant, permanent disability.
    A significant, permanent disability is a disability that a person will have for the rest of their life and that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities.
  7. Capacity Building supports.
    Capacity Building supports improve someone’s ability to carry out an activity or task.


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